Killer Concept - The Scarecrow

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"A new evil has arrived, still as the cold silence. It stood like a statue in front of the gates, a murder of crows circling around it. I wanted to escape, the faint light of the bonfire burning brightly from afar. As I contemplate to move pass it, the crows suddenly moved pass me and now I can hear the cracking of wood behind me."

The Scarecrow
Weapon: Rusted Sickle
Passive: Straw Effigy | Still Death
Straw Effigy - Converts all Totems and Hex Totems into Straw Effigies which appears like the Scarecrow. You gain vision of all Straw Effigies. You no longer disturb crows you pass by.
Still Death - Whenever the Scarecrow stops moving for 3 seconds, he loses Terror Radius and acts like a Straw Effigy. You can cast Murder of Crows while in Still Death, but requires 2 seconds before you can move or attack.

Power: Murder of Crows
Hold to summon a murder of crows around you. Release to send the murder of crows 12 meters forward and if the murder of crows makes contact with a Straw Effigy, cleansed or not, he teleports there and leaves a Straw Effigy in your place. If the Straw Effigy is already destroyed, you do not leave a Straw Effigy. If the murder of crows passes through a Survivor, they are forced to sprint for 6 seconds when they move.

Watchful Eyes - You have a symbiotic relationship with the crows of the mist, you no longer disturb crows. Crows descend 50% / 75% / 100% faster to a Survivor when they are within 8 / 12 / 24 meters of a Straw Effigy and takes 20% / 30% / 50% longer to move away from a Survivor.
Hex: Blood Binding - For each Totem cleansed, a Survivor takes 10% more time to cleanse a Totem. Additionally, for each Totem active, you gain Bloodlust 3% / 4% / 5% faster.
Hex: Dark Flight - While the totem is active, you gain a crow that flies around you every 60 / 45 / 30 seconds. When a Survivor enters within 56 / 64 / 72 meters of you, the crow flies away towards the general direction of the survivor. Up to 3 crows can be held at a time.


  • NotSure
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    This is a really cool idea for a killer

  • Chrismor
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    We definitely need a killer scarecrow

  • Dwight_Confusion
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    I'm all for this. Would be really cool.

    The power seems interesting, but not clear to me.

  • Harowing
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    @Dwight_Confusion said:
    I'm all for this. Would be really cool.

    The power seems interesting, but not clear to me.

    Essentially the Scarecrow's Power has two purpose, one is to draw out survivors out by means of forcing them to run and the other one is to teleport and move your Straw Effigies around (which is your Hex/Totems) when it hits one.

  • Animalheadskull
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    They might get some ideas for the creeper from this. Awesome stuff.