Killer Instinct barely visible on new yamaoka map

ZaKzan Member Posts: 544

Picture doesn't really do it justice, as I wanted to capture the true color, against the rocks or the wood of buildings it's barely noticeable.

PC player

Have played 2 old maps, don't have the same issue. Have not played the other reworked maps, though.

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  • Darkside84
    Darkside84 Member Posts: 40

    I'd like to add that stalking with myers/Ghostface is the same. I was on the sanctum of wrath and there's barely a glow, nearly impossible to see depending on where the survivor is.

  • Sasha233
    Sasha233 Member Posts: 40

    Yes!! Same!! I just played my first legion game since the update and it was on this map. Absolutely horrible. I literally have to stop and look around for a good two three seconds in frenzy in order to locate anyone.

    As you can see I have the iri button addon and I was also facing the survivors btw, but absolutely nothing shows up on my screen.