Plague Bugs PS4

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Platform: PS4

I'm unsure if this relates to the bugged hook animations going on for all killers, but just in case...

The Plague's abilities are not working properly. The Plague's charge bar gets stuck when collecting from the Pool of Devotion, her charge bar for Vile Purge and Corrupt Purge gets stuck if cancelled mid charge, and she is stuck in her animation for a few moments and I ended up losing survivors mid chase.

Also, infected survivors are not always getting sick, I chased a Meg, who had spots of green on her character from my Purge and she wasn't coughing, and her survivor icon was healthy. Sick survivors being rescued are not always getting the rescuing survivor sick either, I'd say 50% of the time it is working properly.

In case this matters:

Maps it happened on: Groaning Storehouse and Mount Ormond.

Perks used: BBQ, Thana, Discordance, Corrupt Intervention (swapped CI for Pop in game 2)

Add-ons: Black Incense, Emetic Potion/Infected Emetic

Thank you for your time!

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