What is effective pressure?

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There is common scenario. Regular killer found 2 survivors in one place. He can injure both of them or focus to down one. Which option is better in your opinion?


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    Depends on a lot. How many gens are left, are others hurt, what are you running for perks and adds. One could be your obsession so it could make a difference. If I can injure one and switch real fast I'd rather. Leaves one spooked and the other in a chase. Might be a 1 shot later or someone is wasting time healing.

    That's a lot of the fun for me in this game but also the source of frustration. Everything can change so much depends on them, you, the map, perks, adds, choices before. it is a wonderful curse.

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    Effective pressure is mostly about gen control. If you can keep one of the Survivors looping near the generator you want regressing, it's really hard for the other to come back to work on it.

    Basically, whatever you do, keep the Survivors you interrupt from going back to generator for as long as possible (especially if you have ruin).

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    What'd you build for is the real question.

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    As others have said it depends on the situation.

    If one is a good looper and has strong tiles around them then just commit to the weaker survivor.

    If both are in the open hit the good one and chase the bad one.