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How does that DC penalty system work?


I apologies in advance if this is a stupid question.. I looked around the forum for answers, but all topics I found on DC penalty reasons and times are from last spring...

So, I have router issues (a new one is ordered) and I live in a region of Germany where internet isn't too reliable to begin with. Yesterday my wifi broke down while I was in a match (yes, I did feel sorry for myself, because I had done a lot of objectives and gotten away from the Huntress twice already without being downed) and by the time I got it back up, everything was fine. I couldn't see a penalty anywhere.

Then, just now, the same things happened again, only this time when I came back on, I had over 10 Minutes of 'Cool down time' or something like that... Restarting the game didn't work, so I figure it's something to do with he server... Considering how long it took for my internet to come back, I'm thinking the timer probably started at 15 minutes. Is that right? Does the game really punish people so harshly for disconnecting (not something I ever had an issue with when people did it, I just figured they didn't like the killer or something) even when it's a connection issue and not done on purpose?