Deadly Deceit Challenge Bugged

lewisty Member Posts: 30

I'm hoping this one's a bug... if not, this is some next level grinding challenge

Got 8000 Bps in the Deviousness category, but the challenge indicates 608 / 20,000

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  • MiniDinkster
    MiniDinkster Member Posts: 2

    Can confirm, this just happened to me too. Got 6032, and only 548 counted towards the challenge.

  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 14,339

    Can confirm as well.

    (Basically my fourth Killer Match this month and a Bug...yay.)

  • saturan
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  • Ryeger
    Ryeger Member Posts: 1

    Ditto first game seemed to work for me then the last two haven't. played Plauge then Freddy, then Doctor

  • Mendax
    Mendax Member Posts: 130

    I got the issue too

  • TMCalypso
    TMCalypso Member Posts: 325

    Has anyone tried this with huntress? I played a match just throwing hatchets and it worked fine. used the add-ons that gave more hatchets.

    got nothing with the doctors static shock. The static blast did count for me though.

  • NoFace
    NoFace Member Posts: 151

    I also got the bug on PS4. I played a game on Ormond and got the maximum deviousness points and only got 16 towards it.

  • Beneath_The_Sink
    Beneath_The_Sink Member Posts: 14

    Same with the survivors Productive Day challenge.. got 7,274 points for objective, but only 16 counted? Um wut

    (Ps4 btw)

  • iQuick
    iQuick Member Posts: 3

    same men

  • Bwsted
    Bwsted Member Posts: 3,452

    Same issue on my end. Got 0 (lol) points credited with Wraith.

  • Enslavior
    Enslavior Member Posts: 2

    Similar issue here on PS4. Got 8k 1st match and received full credit. Then for 3 consecutive matches I've only received 16 points each match towards progress. Sitting at 8048/20000

  • PlaysByShady
    PlaysByShady Member Posts: 590

    Same... I got 7xxx points, and it only added something like 463 to the archive progression.


  • Bane_of_Games
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  • N13hol8s
    N13hol8s Member Posts: 11

    Same on trapper. I get 48 blood points per game. Going to skip it for a while. Hope it gets fixed later

  • HandsomeClark
    HandsomeClark Member Posts: 1

    This has happened to me twice.

  • RocketPenguin
    RocketPenguin Member Posts: 374
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    same thing happened to me in 2 games 1 with doc 1 with blight. i did use a devousness offering in both one was green one was brown

  • BodamEscapePlan
    BodamEscapePlan Member Posts: 75

    Has anyone figured out a workaround? I'm going to try Huntress as one person suggested in this topic.

  • TMCalypso
    TMCalypso Member Posts: 325

    I suggested this on another forum.

    best to use no add-ons or offerings, nothing that will increase bloodpoint gains, and do not max out your deviousness. I got it done in 4 games, no issues. Also, I did this on take that as you will.

  • madamretto
    madamretto Member Posts: 364

    I wonder when this will be fixed along with PRODUCTIVE DAY challenge.

  • Hydrant
    Hydrant Member Posts: 36

    Another one, they rushed this rift and even so much and it's noticible

  • Boko_Loko
    Boko_Loko Member Posts: 4

    I've tried a few killers to no avail until I used legion. He gave me a full 8k points.

  • pocket_dragon92
    pocket_dragon92 Member Posts: 1

    Exact same, I got a grand total of 16 when I earned just over 6000 :(

  • TMCalypso
    TMCalypso Member Posts: 325

    I wonder if the killer that works for the challenge is different for everyone. Huntress worked very well for me.

    Or maybe, could it be possible that once you hit max Deviousness...once you go over the max, instead of stopping at the cap it just starts over?

  • Sillyzombie666
    Sillyzombie666 Member Posts: 22
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    yup can confirm having this issue and since this is the only killer challenge i can do before i can go further so now im stuck in long ass survivoir queues and i need to do 3 to 4 challengers just to get back on killer .....ffs

    oh at this rate i need to do 40 matches to just get this one challenge

  • ZeroDivide
    ZeroDivide Member Posts: 40

    Add me to this, played doctor and after I hit max deviousness for the match the challenge only tracked 634 points. This is going to be a loooooong grind.

  • Rybe
    Rybe Member Posts: 44

    Also can confirm. When I was on Huntress it seemed to be working fine (though I was not paying that close of attention.) When I switched to Trapper suddenly I was getting way less towards the challange than what I earned.

  • OMGCatTreatz
    OMGCatTreatz Member Posts: 4

    FWIW, it worked fine for me as nurse, but at least one other person on Reddit said nurse didn't work for them.

  • bunbun666
    bunbun666 Member Posts: 3

    Came here to say that this happened to me. So I did a survivor challenge and it fixed it.

  • xenofon13
    xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241

    Play Legion guys. 2 games and the points were accurate.

  • Spinzaku
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    The survivor is also a bug, the killer does not try to do it yet but imagine it was the same.

  • Lun33dge
    Lun33dge Member Posts: 32

    thanks god. i'm not the only one

  • Bundesgraenzschutz
    Bundesgraenzschutz Member Posts: 22

    Same here in PS4. Tried IT with multiple Killers. I always got around 16 Points for the Challenge. One time all Points with Legion we're counted (with offerings), but after that back to 16.

  • Kamikazi
    Kamikazi Member Posts: 144
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    This is after several matches accruing Deviousness points.

    This screen shot displays how I did not gain correct pts towards my devious archive.

    Its kind of hard to want to play when it doesn't even count, and we can't get past it.

    omg... I just realized the bug is that it is adding up the total experience points earned for that match, and not any blood points at all! Which is how the survivors are gaining pts for a killer archive!

  • tak47888
    tak47888 Member Posts: 106

    SAme for me when I play matches with the blight.

  • ArtoTime
    ArtoTime Member Posts: 35

    Either the bug got fixed, or Oni is just another killer that works...

  • wrenn
    wrenn Member Posts: 2

    I've also been having this problem playing as wraith

  • Bane_of_Games
    Bane_of_Games Member Posts: 92

    I got it to work a few days ago so I thought it was fixed but I had the same thing again today, first with Blight, then with Pyramid Head.



  • Bane_of_Games
    Bane_of_Games Member Posts: 92
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    Just confirmed the reason I got it to work a few days ago played a Legion game with the new skin. Just to be sure I tried a mix of skins (Wiry Smile, Seasons Killings and Sawtooth Blade) and it worked then too. So quick fix, play Legion I guess.

    EDIT: I just played Nurse (maxed deviousness) and got the points for the challenge. So thus far, Nurse, Huntress, Legion and Oni seem to work on this challenge. Not great but at least it's better than grinding to 20,000 at less than 500 per game. And that would probably give anyone who has Legacy cosmetics flashbacks.

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  • beneefanboy
    beneefanboy Member Posts: 1

    I can confirm Huntress (no addons) did not bug on the chapel, Freedy (no addons) did not bug on Silent Hill's map, but bugged on the Lab. Seems to be related either to some killers and/or maps

  • Rizer
    Rizer Member Posts: 95

    Yeah I played two games with Myers, got 8000 both times by using distressing, earned 200 one match, 225 the next...

    Played Huntress and barely hit survivors like 9 or 10 times with hatchets and earned 5600...currently sitting at just over 6000 points in this category but I refuse to play killers I suck with just to earn this challenge...

    Fix it please... this is garbage. I don't own, the Oni, Legion and I hate playing as Nurse and Huntress because I basically spend 90% of the match trying to land hits and everyone gets a free escape.

  • Bane_of_Games
    Bane_of_Games Member Posts: 92

    For the Survivor side of this bug I tried Yui on Grim Pantry with her full Halloween outfit, Feng Min on Léry's Memorial Institute with her Demon Slayer outfit. For both, 8000 points earned, 8000 points received in the challenge upon escape.

    The bug popped up with Meg on Groaning Storehouse with a mix of skins (Impact aka Legion Mask, Smoke Bomb Running Vest and Rolled up Jeans and Sneakers). 173 points earned, 367 XP received, 568 points received in the challenge. I know, I don't get it either.

    Tried again with the same skins on Meg and got the Thompson House. Got sacrificed but earned 3327 points and received 3327 points.

    So Survivor side anyway that pretty much rules out skins, characters and survival as the problem. Wonder if it's just the new map... Sadly as I've now finished both challenges I can't test any further.

  • shauny
    shauny Member Posts: 25

    I don't believe it is tied to any particular character or skin, as I mostly play as Steve Harrington and Legion, both of them have at times worked fine and other times not. I think it is related to if you get MAX points or not.

  • Kotentopf
    Kotentopf Member Posts: 274

    Thats the result of TWO Blight Games with 8K Scores.

    May I ask when we will be able to buy a new 15$ skin?

  • Kamikazi
    Kamikazi Member Posts: 144

    Did this get fixed with today's patch? I don't want to waste a match on a broken archive, again...

  • TMCalypso
    TMCalypso Member Posts: 325

    So, does Deadly Deceit and Productive Day now only require 1 bloodpoint each for anyone else? I just looked and couldn't help but laugh.