Chapter Idea: Of The House "Killer

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                                                                                                              ** Of The House**

Killer: The Maid

Killer -
Ability: Black Rose, gives the maid the power to make clones of herself who will follow any spotted player, sort of like an NPC. She makes 8 clones each time she uses her ability. The clones are easily destroyed in a shroud of smoke by either A. Flashlight or B. Wait out the time limit for them which is 15 seconds. If any of the clones do not see a survivor, they will just stand there and wait until they disappear or they see a survivor. If a clone does catch up to a survivor, it reveals them for one location. Also, if a survivor has a flashlight, there is a possibility of a clone stealing it. If it does steal an item, the clone will take it as far away as it can until it's time limit ends. The survivor will have to pick it up.
Appearance: The Maid is a 5'6 caucasian female with an unknown age. She appears to be wearing a worn Maid's Afternoon Dress appearing to be from around 1910. Her skin is a light gray and she has plain white pupils. She appears to have her hair set in a French Braid, with no hat on. She floats about "3 above ground with a emotionless face. She appears to have tears rolling down her face.