Killer Concept - Sauron

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Killer's name : Sauron

Known as : The One

Possible Survivor DLC : Bilbo Baggins / Frodo Baggins

Possible Map :

Beorn House - Mirkwood

Spider Dwellings - Mirkwood

Ancient Ruin - Dol Guldur

Lore :

Sauron was born as the Maia Mairon, servant to the Vala Aule. Originally pure of heart with a love of order, he was manipulated into darkness by the original Dark Lord, Morgoth. Serving as Morgoth's apprentice, Sauron acted as his second in command in the fallen Vala's conquest for Middle Earth. After Morgoth's fall, Sauron fled to Middle Earth, where he layed dormant for 500 years as he built up armies of Orcs. After convincing the Elves to construct 10 of the Rings of Power, Sauron secretly constructed the 9 rings for men as well as the One Ring to dominate the others.

Through his power, he drove the seven Dwarves who wielded rings to immense greed, while enslaving the Men wielders into his nine Nazgul, his strongest minions. He set up fort at the volcanic lands of Mordor, where he waged war with Middle Earth. Twice he had been destroyed the forces of Men and Elves and twice he reformed. After one final clash with their forces, not only was Sauron obliterated, but the ring had been lost. Weakened and without a body, Sauron was forced to reform and regain strength once more. Gradually he built his defenses in Dol Goldur, until he could finally return to Mordor to attempt to reunite with the One Ring and bring Middle Earth into darkness. 

Source :,lift%20objects%20with%20his%20mind.

Power :

Passive : Call of the Ring

Sauron calls upon the power of The One Ring, marking a random survivor with Obsession (if you bring a perk which has a power to mark a survivor as an Obsession, this passive effect will not be activated). If there are no Obsessions, Call of the Ring will automatically bestow the Obsession to a random survivor. Whenever Sauron is in chase with his Obsession, Sauron will do anything 5% faster (vault, break pallets, etc).

Active : Palantiri

Sauron calls the power of his ring, bestow the Obsession with a high pressure as the bearer of The One Ring for 30 seconds. The Obsession will feel a slight brief of Lidless Eye's illusion. Curse the Obsession with an Oblivious status for 30 seconds. The bearer can has their curse be lifted by other survivor, with the new survivor becomes the new bearer of The One Ring. Survivor has 10 seconds to lift the curse. If Sauron manage to hit a survivor while they carry The One Ring, Sauron will activate his Palantiri, gaining sight of all survivor's aura for 5 seconds and also curse them with the Exposed status for 20 seconds. Upon activating, Sauron will cause a huge laugh as a sign of his activated Palantiri. Palantiri has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

"You cannot hide. I see you. There is no life in the void. Only death." - Sauron

Perks :

Hex : Immortality

You are bestowed with a mighty power of The One Ring, making you an unstoppable force.

When you have stunned 3 times, the hex will be activated and will take place of one of the Dull Totems. Stun duration will be reduced by 50/75/100%.

The hex effects persist for as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

Writhing in the Darkness

You gain more power the darker the place.

When not in chase, you move 5/6/7% faster. Terror radius reduced by 8/12/16 meters. When in chase, you move 5/4/3% slower. Gain 75% bonus blood point on Hunter category.

"He will bear thee away to the houses of lamentation, beyond all darkness." - Witch King of Angmar

Lidless Eye

You know everything that goes around you. You sense everything that moves around your territorial.

Whenever there are survivors 4/6/8 meters around you, their aura will be shown to you. When they begin to leave the territorial, the aura will still be shown for 1 seconds. Lidless eye will be deactivated for 40/35/30 seconds whenever you are burned/blinded.

"There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful." - Boromir


  • Nomadd
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    As much as I have mixed feelings about actually adding Sauron to the game, I have to say I honestly love his powers and perks! Really nice creativity and finally a power that's actually different and more creative than 'Oh lets do Huntress, but a bit different'.

  • CLB198
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    Ok so...

    With the power the obsession will be easier to hit and hitting them will show all other survivors on the map for 5 seconds. The exposed status effect will come in to play very rarely because of it's low duration. Also would be very scary with Nemesis.

    With the perk hex immortality needs a token system so it can be countered or be powerful like hex devower hope. Would be scary with spirit fury and brutal strength.

    Writhing in darkness, with the amount of new play stiles it would introduce, should not be a perk but an entire killer consept.

    Lidless eye needs its numbers reduced to something around 3/4/5 and you could remove the cool down

    I like this idea for a killer that uses a single survivor to find the rest.

    If you want I can make some add-ons for it.

  • Orycteropus_afer
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    Whilst this is cool and I always love concepts of unexpected cross-overs (I was considering doing a LOTR one, but for Gollum) I just think that there's something innately wrong with the power. The passive is pretty good but I think the issue is that his active power feels more like a second power tied to the ctrl button because it is on a 60 second timer. All of the killers thus far (except for trapper) have a power that you can use whenever during the course of the match, making it their 'active ability power'. Having an ability that doesn't really help you chase, slow, down or trap survivors AND a 60 second cooldown would make Sauron feel like a literal M1 killer with no ability. Just my thoughts, an ability on a killer should never have a cooldown. Maybe make this his secondary ability (left CTRL) and make him have a simple attack ability perhaps like 'Eye's focus' where the nearest survivor experiences searing pain due to Sauron's gaze, screaming and being slowed for the next 10 seconds and getting a status effect etc.

  • Neutralizer
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    Agreed. I thought that the cooldown might stop the Oblivious for a while (or else he will be similar to freddy). Btw gollum is good, never thought to do gollum :D

  • Deadlock
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    Ok. This is 100% nerdy. And I ######### love it! This is so cool!

  • jumpjur
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    Why isn't it in the game yet?