The Twins ultra rare addons

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I don't really understand the point of her ultra rares, 12 seconds exposed effect for crushing victor. doesn't that seem awfully low? It already takes like 2-3 seconds to swap to charlotte after Victor gets crushed.


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    They are both utter garbage.

    The Iridescent Pendant, which is the one that exposes a survivor for 12 seconds after they crush victor while you are controlling Charlotte, is supposed to discourage survivors from crushing him, but 12 seconds is such a short time that you either aren't going to be around when it happens, or aren't going to be able to catch them in time if they do it only 10 meters away from you. It's such a useless add-on, but I guess if you purposely bait them by popping out victor, chase them around or near charlotte and then switch back to her so that the survivor gets cocky and runs up to crush him right in front of her, then you might have a laugh. That's such a Meme Way of playing though, and will only work the first time you do it, especially when against an SWF team, otherwise the add-on isn't really worth the BP.

    The Silencing Cloth actually has some potential as it allows you to stealthily switch back to Charlotte and potentially sneak up on survivors for a grab or hit, or at least it would... but the sound made when you switch between characters, and the glowing/shadow animation that shows you have switched or taken over the character completely blows this "surprise" potential. I thought the Devs learned from their previous mistakes with the PTB version of Ghost Face, that if you want to give a killer a Stealth advantage, you don't have them noisily announce it to everyone on the map. Sigh... such a waste.