Take Och1DO's name, quick!

Ian Member Posts: 12

Title ^


  • ZiNc
    ZiNc Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 250

    Why would anyone want to represent someone they are not?

  • RSB
    RSB Member Posts: 2,258

    Hmm, I see what you have done here...

    And I like it.

  • Leon
    Leon Member Posts: 56

    Should have built in post background sound " LETS DOOO DISSSS"

  • MoxX
    MoxX Member Posts: 8

    Why you bully him?

  • deadwolfwalking
    deadwolfwalking Member Posts: 624

    i think that anybody who tries to capitalize on toxicity and panders to angst-ridden braindead 12 year olds is beyond contempt. i saw a few of his montages on youtube and it bothered me that somebody with that much skill in a game would purposely 'poison the water' so to speak.... but then i saw a few of his twitch streams and realized hes just an idiot with a talented editor....