Ps4 seeking part time dbd boyfriend lol



Ok so this might sound weird, but go with it lol.

I'm not actually seeking any sort of romantic relationship. I'm a 36 year old married woman. I had a friend I played dbd with regularly. We flirted, trash talked one another, and became really good friends. My husband jokingly called him my dbd boyfriend, and that's kinda how it was for many months. Then, he became a pro and joined a league and doesn't have as much time to play with me anymore.

I'm looking for an 18+ male friend to play dead by daylight with on a pretty regular basis. Must be able to take friendly trash talk, strange flirting, deal with my toddler occasionally interrupting my game, and my husband teasing both of us. Bonus points if you can help me get better at looping. I play between 3-5 nights a week between 4ish pm-10ish pm est. I used to be rank 1, but I haven't had the motivation to play without my buddy, so I've dropped to 13.

Also, you don't HAVE to be male. I'll take a dbd girlfriend too... But I have a hard time making female friends. But if you want to try, I'm down for it.

My ps4 is Kyra_omega. Send me a message, I don't accept random requests!

Thanks for reading!


  • CaptainRaider
    CaptainRaider Member Posts: 150

    I can’t be a “boyfriend,” but I am looking for ps4 players to play with. I am very good at killer and survivor. I often teach my friends how to loop properly. If interested in a gaming buddy add my psn: us055755

  • csjobson
    csjobson Member Posts: 13

    Hey Kyra, I'm 35, male, married, and have a three year old who interrupts me playing DBD too. My wife also plays. I'm on most nights from 8-11 pm-ish eastern. My psn is Solway__Firth (double underscore) I'll add you.