New Chapter: Evil In Small

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This is just the explanation of an idea for a new killer, survivor and map. Nothing written below is official.
(If at any time you see errors in reading, excuse me. My English is a bad thing and I have to use a translator to be able to write all this).


Story: No one knows what can happen to a child when he goes out to play. Most likely, he will return home full of mud and sand or with some injury from falling to the ground. But nobody knows what happens ... when they do not come back.
Sarah Adams was only seven when one day, after playing in the street, she disappeared without a trace. He was with his friends playing in the forest, cool autumn day. It did not take an instant for them to separate and she would lose herself in the depths of the forest. Sarah was brave, which made her remain calm on her way out of the woods. However, instead of finding the exit of the forest, she found something that, at that moment, she did not know would be much worse. A strange woman waved her hand to him. Sarah had been told many times not to talk to strangers. But he thought it would be good to ask for help. However, all she received was a heavy blow to the head that left her unconscious.
When she woke up, she found herself tied to an old rusty metal chair. The woman was in front of her. Sarah would never have imagined what awaited her.
For a whole week she was tortured in a thousand ways by that woman. The woman enjoyed her suffering, she laughed and even seemed to get excited doing that. Sarah endured it all this time. But I felt I was about to faint. Her body was weak, starving and full of wounds everywhere, even a part of her ear had been cut by the woman. On the seventh day, at one point in the day, the woman decided to leave the room where she tortured Sarah. Sarah, to the limit, lost hope. But at that moment, a voice whispered inside her head. "Kill her," said the voice. And, without knowing how, an energy invaded her body. Since she had not eaten for days, her body had thinned out, which allowed her to let go of the ropes. She tore the knife from his thigh, which she had been carrying since the second day. She did not even bleed when he ripped it off. She prepared to kill and left the room.
She realized that he was in a kind of abandoned factory. But that did not matter to her. She saw behind the door of another room that the woman was on her back, sharpening an ax. Surely she wanted to kill her at once, she would have been bored with torture. Sarah slowly came up to her. When she was a few feet from her, the voice rang again in her head: "DO IT". Then Sarah jumped on the woman's back and, quick as the wind, stabbed her in the neck, killing her instantly. At that moment, he felt something he had never felt: He had liked to kill.
There's nothing more that Sarah knows. No one knows if Sarah escaped there or if she took the place of that woman.

Description: A child killer capable of stealthily approaching the survivors and ramming them thanks to their power Hide and Seek. With her unique perks, Looking for Friends, Tag and Hex: Crazy wheel allows her to find and more effectively pursue survivors and make them fail more skillchecks as they rescue their partners from the hooks.

POWER: Hide and Seek: You're still childish, so it's normal to want to have fun while you're looking for your "friends". After all, you have to find them and catch them.
·Pressing Ctrl, you crouch, becoming harder to see.
·While you are crouched, your terror radius is reduced to 0, your red light disappears and your speed is reduced slightly.
·By holding down M1, you charge your attack (0.8 seconds) and jump in a straight line up to a distance of 8 meters. At the end of the jump, you are slowed down for 1 second.
·If during the jump you hit a survivor, you will throw him to the ground and stab him, leaving him automatically in an agonizing state.
·With the jump, you can pass over pallets, windows and small obstacles.

·She is wearing a ragged black dress with blood stains.
·She has a long black mane that covers most of her face. Only the left eye and the left side of the mouth are seen. His whole body is full of wounds and blood.
·It has the same height as the Hag, but unlike this, the child is not bent. Her back is straight.
·His terror radio is 20 meters.
·Its speed and its lunge is the same as that of most other killers in the game.

-Looking for friends: Your friends have left you behind. We will have to look for them. Once you lose a pursuit against an INJURED survivor, a silhouette of that survivor will appear for 2 seconds moving in the direction by which it has gone every 7/6/5 seconds. The silhouette recreates the movement of 8 seconds ago of the survivor in question. This effect lasts for 30 seconds and recharges again every 90 seconds after finishing the effect.
I do not know how she does it. But she always seems to know where I've been.

  • Tag: You want to catch them all. Your speed when entering the bloodlust state increases by 1/2/3%. In addition, the time needed to increase the bloodlust level decreases by 1/2,5/4 seconds.
    She takes the trying to kill us like a game.

  • Hex: Crazy wheel: A Hex rooting it's power on hope. As long as your hex totem pole is active the probability that the skillchecks needle rotates counterclockwise increases by 30/40/50% and that the speed at which it spins increases by 0/1/2% each time a survivor is rescued from a hook while you are more than 15 meters from him to a maximum of 10%.
    She seems to have fun watching us fail.

MORI: The child grabs the survivor's chin on the floor, lifts it up and nails its knife into the survivor's neck and slits it down. Then she wipes the knife on the sleeve of her dress.


Story: From a very young age, Connor Spencer has always been a fan of history, especially archeology. He could always see it digging anywhere and interested in whatever strangeness he might find. After his career, he went all over the world in search of some discovery exposing himself to all kinds of dangers. However, he never came across anything interesting.
After turning 50 he decided to retire because of frustration, so he became fond of hiking.
One fine day, as he walked through the forest, he lost himself despite his great sense of direction. He walked until dusk through that forest. Then, in a great clearing, he found something strange. An abandoned factory.
Connor never even thought about what a factory was doing in the middle of the forest, he was just glad to find a place to cuddle.
What he did not know is that in that factory he would make a great discovery. A very terrifying discovery...

Description: An old adventurer able to increase his abilities of looting and purification and to increase his chances of survival when the killer pursues him thanks blessings he obtains as a result of a totem of blessing thanks to his unique perks, Blessing: Archaeologist's Passion, Blessing: Covenant with the Entity and Blessing: I'll hold out until the end.

New style of play: Totems of blessing: A totem of blessing will appear on the map for each perk of blessing in the game. The totems of blessing are smaller than those of hex or opaques and they are better hidden (they can appear by walls or by the ground, always, of course, within reach of the killer). If the killer sees one of these totems, which are lit by fatuo fire, he can destroy them automatically if he hits them with his weapon.


  • Blessing: Archaeologist's Passion: A sense of hope strengthens your bleesing's totems. As long as your blessing totem is active, the speed at which you register chests and purify totems will increase by 20/25/30%
    In dangerous situations, a good archaeologist must be quick. -Connor Spencer.

  • Blessing: Covenant with the Entity: A sense of hope strengthens your bleesing's totems. As long as your blessing totem is active, you can skip a same window 1/2/3 times before the being blocks it. However, you will suffer a slowdown of 1/2/3% for 1 / 1.5 / 2 seconds each time you skip a window more than 3 times.
    I do not know his motives well, but for some reason he tries to help me. -Connor Spencer.

  • Blessing: I'll hold out until the end: A sense of hope strengthens your bleesing's totems. As long as your blessing totem is active you will have a 10/30/50% chance of holding another hit when you are wounded. If you can take the hit, a white bar will appear under your icon and will decrease until 10/13/15 seconds pass. If you have not healed in that time you will automatically go to the dying state.
    I have endured too many blows in my life to deplore me for this. -Connor Spencer.

NEW MAP: Tina's Toys factory (Location: Morgue): Tina's Toys was a very peculiar toy factory. Since it did not contaminate, because all they did was make toys, mostly handmade, was in the middle of the forest. However, one day a news of bankruptcy came to the office of Tina, the head of the factory. It was never known how badly he had to affect the news to do what he did. He killed and tortured the vast majority of the factory's employees and deposited the bodies in a secret room that only she knew. After that he disappeared into the woods. However, much news of disappearances happened at that time, and the bodies used to appear in the entrance of the factory. People began to suspect Tina, however, her body was also found with a stab in the neck. An attempt was made to investigate the case but it was impossible. The only thing that occurred to the police was to put warnings around the premises. Although there have been stories of many people passing by, stories in which they said they saw a child peeping through the factory door, beckoning them to come.

-Wooden toy: A small doll made of wood that lacks an arm and head.
·It slightly increases the probability of being shipped to the Tina's Toys factory when you burn it.
-Bankruptcy notice: Document that initiated the slaughter of the factory.
·Moderately increases the probability of being shipped to the Tina's Toys factory when you burn it.
-Tina's Toys Key: Dirty key that belonged to the head of the factory.
·It greatly increases the possibility of being shipped to the Tina's Toys factory when you burn it.



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    I absolutely love the perk Ideas to bits. I especially love the idea of Blessing perks. Perhaps make them tied to generators or a person, as totems might be taken up due to Hexes, or something of the sort. The Child's ability seems a little cruel, as everyone who can have both a zero terror radius and an instadown is incredibly scary. Perhaps decrease a health state and give them a debuff, or have to have them fill a quick bar to get off the ground, perhaps like Unbreakable. Other than these, I absolutely think this idea is solid, and has great potential. Frankly, I would play him if he ever came out.

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    Very similar to the pig.

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    @swenpai said:
    Very similar to the pig.

    Yes, it is similar to pig. What happens is that, unlike this, the child does not have bear traps, so their only power, stealth and jumping, must be strong so that the killer is not #########. That is why you can knock down and go over small obstacles. Its power is based exclusively on stealth and attacking fiercely, knocking it down, while with the pig, this is only an "accessory" to its power, since its power is, almost in its entirety, the bear traps .

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    Extremely similar to pig besides bear traps and also the blessing perk "ill hold out until the end is basically borrowed time with out hooks

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    I’ll say this, you refer to the kid as he she and I so it is kind of confusing. Just look over the story to better it. Other than that, good work my man.
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    It feels similar to pig but it's kinda like how leatherface and hillbilly exist

    Hillbilly has high-speed but his movements are limited with it
    Leatherface has free control over his chainsaw but not very much speed
    The child feels like that to the pig and i find it good in that sort of way