Fan Fiction Short Story: The Beginning

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Disclaimer: This is solely a fan fiction short story. All that is written is just a fun story.

As the Sun laid gently to rest, calling up the moon to speak, all sinister awoken with the approval of The Moon's grin. Excited with the new beginning its about to unleash. Hopeless beings soon to fall victim of such the mind could never imagine of. This is the greeting of the most evil rooted in the world.

Richard Jr. Hovarth was a quiet boy, quiet enough to be an easy target at school. Constantly tortured by his classmates, the kid instilled some horrors built inside of him. His father, owned a butcher shop. Who'd beat him senselessly, a man with no level of goodness. A mother, son, and sister victim to such dominance. The bruises left by his father left scars of hopelessness. Once a quiet boy, became an isolated one.

Richard had this special place in the woods. It's what truly calmed him and brought him to clarity. The hug of the sun, and the smile of the moon, gave comfort to the boy who wished for hope. Alone. Disheartened. Beat. The boy became a structure for the hurt. Hurt turned into pain, and pain soon turned into vengeance. The hug of the sun was too fragile, it felt like spikes going through his body. It was the moon's smile that turned into an evil grin, granting whispers of the feared, dark night. Richard fell victim to listening to the faint whispers.

Maybe it was his black coloured eyes that gave out a feared scent of death, but nobody dared go near him as time went on. Something, unspeakable, started to change about Richard. He craved something, but his intentions were clouded with an aura of evil. Even he's sweet, gentle mother never dared to speak to him anymore.

Richard hoped, Richard prayed, but not for faith. Faith was for the weak. Faith was for those who are breathless without strength. He craved power. Revenge. Hopelessness. The fuel of evil. This boy was a running vessel of the corrupt, ready to obtain the powers that brought him to victim. He felt pain, and that was his true wish to give back. He wanted to steal what was stolen from him. Hope.

But he wondered how he'd obtain this. He needed help, but from something more powerful. Maybe too powerful to be tampered with, but he didn't care. His intentions needed to be fed. Richard performed a ritual that forever changed the balance of nature. Summoning more whispers, a voice, a sense, telling him what he needed to do in order to fulfill his wishes. It took purity, and stabbed it right through the heart. Darkness must collapse around. Little did he know of the horrors he was about to give birth to.

The son went, taking his father's butcher knife, executing what must be done. He sneaked into the room where he father lied, next to his sweet mother, stabbing them both immensely. Leaving them conscious enough, but limb down to their body. Leaving them tied in case anything were to go wrong. Dragging them down to the basement, where four meat hooks, all so perfectly set up by one single pole, facing away from each other, lie there desperate. The boy just needed two more victims. Panic, he ran up to his little sister's room, tying her up, and dragging her down to what is her doom. The boy was anxious, scared, but he was too far gone. Setting his sister, his mother, and his father, all up on the hooks. As they bled out, so did every last bit of Richard's soul. Richard forgot he was missing one person. He continued on with the whispers becoming screams, the screams becoming so loud it drowned him.

He sat infront of his family, screaming out the whispers that forced him to speak to complete his job.


All of the sudden, four pure black claws pierce all three bodies, lifting them away to a world where pain was manifested. Their souls leaving their helpless bodies. Richard's heart stopped. Richard froze in place. His body... his soul, disappered. Blood dripped endlessly from the wooded walls. The birth of the most evil had just occurred. It became linked to the nature's world. Richard, his mother, his father, and his sister, will not be the last.

Nobody knew what happened to the Hovarth's. Rumours spread, cops searched, but with no motives, bodies, and just a basement with four hooks and blood, it was left a mystery. A mystery that won't die. May this demon live on to curse, and feed, of the hope this world brings.