Many perks ideas

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-Mad laughter : Dire moments fuel your madness. Once hooked, the survivor laughs maniacally , making all noise fade out in a 32/48/64 meter radius.

Break yourselves upon me : your friends' lives matter more than yours. Upon pressing the activation key, take a stance for 5/6/7 seconds, blocking the way. Any hits taken will nullified. If at least one hit is taken, by the end of the 5/6/7 seconds, the survivor loses one health point.
The cooldown timer : 50 seconds

Scavenge and repair : you have general knowledge in repairs. Upon completing a chest search, you receive parts instead of items. Parts can repair /20/30/40 of your item's charges.

Saviour push: you're willing to take a hit for your friends. Upon pressing the activation key, any survivor near you will be pushed, granting invulnerability for 3 seconds, and a speed burst for 2/2.5/3 seconds. Grants the killer bloodlust tier 1 if he chases you/grants the killer bloodlust tier 1 if he chases you/ no longer grants bloodlust.
Cooldown: 50 seconds
Level progression : your mind mixes reality and fiction. For every generator you fix, gain a token. Each token increases your luck by 2/2,5/3 percent.

We're the same: you believe in the shred of humanity the killers have. Once hooked, if the killer is in your 32/38/44 meters radius, they have their action speed lowered by /10/12/15 percent

Mechanical tricks: you have a way around machines. Break action on generators you have repaired do not regress the progression further than 25/35/45 percent.

Mantra: you repeat your trusted mantra, and it gives you tremendous focus. Upon pressing the activation key, any skilfull interaction will now trigger a chain of skillchecks for 5 seconds. Great skill checks have their effects doubled. Failed skill checks stop the chain. Cool down : 50 seconds/45/40

Killer perks:

Anger channel: your boiling anger is channeled into determination. Blood lust become granted tokens. Each token increases break action speed by 3/4/5 percent (max 25 percent), vault action speed by 3/4/5 percent ( max 15)

Greedy bunch : for each totem cleansed or chest opened , gain a token. Each token increases successful attacks recovery by 1/2/3 percent

Blood rush : good prey makes your blood flow mad. After engaging in a 15/13/10 seconds chase, gain for the rest of the chase an increased lunge range of 4 meters.

Choke hold : you treat others as if they were inferior. Interrupting actions no apply one of on the following status effect
mangled, hindered, deafened, exhausted for 60/65/70 seconds.

Plz give your opinion. If you don't like any, plz no hate, rather try and fix them. Thanksss!!!