How often you get toxic messages in post game chat?

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I often see the statement that dbd comunity is toxic. And it's often based on in-game bm actions such as t-bag and clicking from survivors, facecamping and intended tunneling from killers. Personally I don't consider it toxic. As survivor I don't do it because I understand most of killers can be offended by that actions. As killer I trying to treat everyone equally. Flashlight, t-bags and even keys doesn't make me mad and I don't really change my gameplay. Well maybe I can slug key user if hatch spawned. But most of my games I don't do anything that someone may consider toxic.

I personnaly think that only toxic thing you can do in-game is intended sandbagging, which is rare since Ochido was banned. All the rest of player's in-game actions is not toxic in my opinion. True toxicity only happen in post game chat and by sending messages directly or into profile commentary.

Sometimes survivors call me camper or tunneler. They can leave -rep in my steam profile. I don't mind it, it's fine. I play a lot and I very rarely get toxic messages in post game chat. Maybe once in 25-30 games. It's not often in my opinion. Most of time people just send nothing, or just respond gg to my gg. Last year I have seen "ez" maybe twice. Also I often play vs Russians in my region. I noticed they often considered as most toxic people in general, for some reason. But actually they are no different from EU players in my expirience.

So I want to ask. How often you get toxic messages in your games? How often other players mocking you? Or do you respond to speech you don't like?

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  • Phasmamain
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    After cross play not much but before I got a decent bit especially when I picked up deathslinger as a second main

  • Rivyn
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    None, since I very rarely go against pc players.

  • savevatznick
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    Not often. I find that just dropping a GG in the postgame chat and complimenting the enemy on something they did well ends up smoothing things over.

  • NotACompPlayer
    NotACompPlayer Member Posts: 193

    not often enough to make me do anything else besides laugh at it.

  • Chatkovski
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    Never, or else I don't have time to see them because I leave immediately without saying or reading anything (and I certainly don't wait until a game is over as a Survivor if I die prematurely). Finding a game is already long enough.

    It's a waste of time 99% of the time and I don't care about “GGWP” etc. And since I don't do anything that is considered toxic... I guess, no, never.

  • DistortedDream
    DistortedDream Member Posts: 672

    Very rarely.

  • TripleSteal
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    Once in 10-15 games probably

  • Huge_Bush
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    Same, crossplay has reduced the amount of hate I get. The most I get is when a salty teammate dies with 9k points and starts attacking me for being bad because I was doing objectives rather than humping the killers leg.

    CLAUDETTEINABUSH Member Posts: 2,210

    Every two games at least, if we assume crossplay is off. Generally, if I get at least 1 pc player there is a 70% chance to get toxic comments about my playstile or my life

  • Phasmamain
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    acc to these people I can’t play the game properly if I play deathslinger because he makes chases easy.

  • Anniehere
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    I've been playing as a survivor for a long time, what sometimes happens is that survivors t-bagg at the gate while the killer is looking at them.

    It's so unnecessary and makes me feel bad for the killer who may have a hard match.

    About the chat, there was one killer who wrote "ez" and a smily face.

    I wrote "nice game" as if i was pretending i didn't know they was too arrogant.

    I keep my chat closed just in case and in the game I'm trying not to take their behavior personally.

  • Xyvielia
    Xyvielia Member Posts: 2,415

    There is no chat in my DBD universe

    ...all is peachy n peaceful☺️

  • JinSime
    JinSime Member Posts: 405

    I usually play on PS4, so I don't get any messages there.

    On steam, I usually get no messages from teammates, when I'm on solo (what's also rare, because I don't do solo as much on pc). The last time I got a message on steam, it wasn't even for me, it was a killer that started cursing a player that disconnected before last hook when he was tunneling him and I just replied I had nothing to do with that and he got mad out of that... but whatever.

    I rarely play killer on steam (because they're all under leveled, so I'd rather play on PS4), but when I do, I also don't get messages or, when I manage to kill the survivors, get ggs or thanks, because I usually give the last survivor the hatch.

    But that's it.

  • Moxie
    Moxie Member Posts: 806

    If I wait out DS by letting them slug for 50+ secs, I will almost always get one salty person.

  • Generalmahler
    Generalmahler Member Posts: 29

    Only if u had a bad Game, ( GG EZ BABY KILLA )

  • EpicBigBrain
    EpicBigBrain Member Posts: 177

    never cos console doesn't even have it xD

  • darktrix
    darktrix Member Posts: 1,790

    As survivor, only once in awhile from sweaty killers sad they didn't get their 4k.

    As killer, not very often - but then I don't play like a d-bag on a power trip neither.

  • leviivel
    leviivel Member Posts: 271

    Ever since crossplay, not much anymore. Originally people would send me death threat’s on ps4 message system just for using blood warden and winning cus of it and then he went out saying I should be using pop and other perks etc etc (when I didn’t have the, unlocked yet.)

  • Todgeweiht
    Todgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    something like 1 in every 20 games, which is not much but its still something.

  • Jarol
    Jarol Member Posts: 1,985

    The truth is I do not care what they tell me, I have received much worse in different games in steam.

  • Pulsar
    Pulsar Member Posts: 20,540

    Once every three or so games, I'd say.

  • BaldursGate2
    BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 994

    Don't know, i hide it since several dozens games.

    If you tunnel / camp it's almost guaranteed that you get salty comments. I don't do that, but i don't want to hear any complains about "don't usy undying and ruin" and some crap like that.

  • Steah
    Steah Member Posts: 511

    More than half the games i play id say

  • Crypticghoul
    Crypticghoul Member Posts: 568

    Sometimes when I have to go back to the hook and camp someone's remaining timer out because their teammates are waiting till last second to save and slamming gens I'll get some hate but for the most part I've been getting either ggs or nothing.

  • oxygen
    oxygen Member Posts: 3,288

    Pretty rare honestly, most of the time it's either just silent or just the usual ggs with nothing less nor more to it.

  • onemind
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    Depends who ami playing ds ph nurse spirit every 3/10 games

    Everyone else 1/15

    Michael w tombstone 5/10 games

    (I play with cross play off)

  • Mr_K
    Mr_K Member Posts: 9,119

    I get:

    • BM
    • Trash talk
    • Cheating allegations
    • General salt
    • KY messages

    You know, the usual stuff.

    Once in a while a gg.

  • BattleCast
    BattleCast Member Posts: 698

    Mostly ggs or nothing at all in my end game chats. I don’t play scummy at all so there isn’t a real reason for anyone to be mad.

  • [Deleted User]

    I get BM from console players a LOT. Sometimes from PC. They tend to t-bag and hit you on hook a lot as killer. That's about it though.

    Post game salt though? I find if I lose I get "gg" but if I win then I get all the usual stuff; but even then it isn't too terribly common.

    More often than not it's people saying unreasonable things and then trying to use that to justify starting on a rant of toxic slurs afterwards.

    Like a killer will face camp while you just blast through the gens; and then complain about how SWF comms are ruining the game and is the only reason they won. It's like, we don't need comms to see the bubba camping that one guy is still in the same place he was five minutes ago. Nothing much changing there haha.

  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 9,013

    Not really a lot.

    Every once in a while I get a salty survivor that calls me trash when they either suicided/dc'd or were killed.

  • ProwlingDead
    ProwlingDead Member Posts: 23

    On PC i haven't seen bad end game chat other than directed at their teammates in weeks

  • Mew
    Mew Member Posts: 1,828

    not often enough

  • stvnhthr
    stvnhthr Member Posts: 777

    Toxicity often is in the eye of the beholder. I don't think telling other players they did something wrong is being toxic, but most folks can't stand to be corrected or receive advice.

  • Senpavo
    Senpavo Member Posts: 105

    I get them a lot. People will complain about anything.

    Yesterday I tried to camp the one person I managed to hook after ALL the gens were done and all the three other survivors were there. If I moved they would have gotten them easily, no reason to go to the gates if all of them are there. Yet I still get "herp derp camper!!!oneone11" because, apparently, I have to run to the other side of the map when all gens are done and the other three survivors are there.

    Also, I decided to play a bit with the twins to give them a chance. People complaining all the time about "camping" without realizing that Victor gets a warning whenever somebody comes nearby.

    Oddly I don't get much hate with the Plague, which is my main.

  • offwhiteknight
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    I play killer almost exclusively on PC and get post-game chat toxicity about 1 in 10 games. I also get post-game praise about 1 in 20 games that goes beyond "gg". It's always a surprise to get a very positive comment and much appreciated.

  • [Deleted User]

    I see toxic behaviour far more than anything. Especially against weaker killers.

    For some reason survivors prefer playing against Spirit mains I guess.

  • EvilJoshy
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    I think a better question is how often do I not get toxic messages in the end game chat. One of the benefits of cross platforms is consoles can't talk to me.

  • pseudechis
    pseudechis Member Posts: 3,903

    I agree that a lot of the behaviours you describe aren't really toxic just obnoxious. They annoy me because they are immersion breaking. I don't play this game for the social interaction so when its forced on me like that I just find it irksome and unnecessary.

    That said I'd say the only reason endgame chat abuse has dropped off is crossplay doesn't allow for it in many cases. Prior to crossplay you'd get 1 salty message every 2 games as killer, I'd say from my experience. About 1 in 5 are truly abusive and in time I've been playing there have been three death threats.

    I don't have comments turned on in my profile because that would just invite more. But check out other people's profiles from time to time, if its public then there is typically a stream of just garbage abuse posts in relation to this game.

    I'd say that the post game environment of DBD is one of the more negative I've ever experienced and that's a shame.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,095

    I'm on ps4, I turned off randoms being able to message me before I started playing DBD because of sore losers in Destiny 2 Crucible - players get really mad when you kill them several times in a row in a match because they keep making bad decisions. When I turned it off I never had to deal with sore losers messages until I started playing DBD. DBD is the ONLY game where players would use the loophole of sending a friend request so they could attach a message complaining and cussing. After a bit of both survivors and killers whining I also turned off randoms being able to friend request, they can go complain somewhere else about how unfair the game was instead of using my inbox.

  • ChiSoxFan11
    ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,093

    I play on console, and my messages are turned off unless you're a friend, so I thankfully don't have to deal with it (and hope to never have to). I do send friend requests/messages to killers/survivors who I think played well during a match, offering them a GG/WP/Good luck in your future matches, and I have had a lot of nice correspondence with those players.

    The only "toxic" messages I've ever received were one as a killer, and one as a survivor.

    As a survivor, I was tunnelled hard and camped by a new Trapper (I assumed he was new, based on his rank), and I messaged him with some constructive feedback (as politely as possible, I told him that he needed to focus on spreading out the damage, as while he tunneled and camped, essentially all 5 gens ended up popping). His reply was that he played, not to win or get better, but only to make other players he went against miserable, which I thought was a really sad reason to play the game (and told him so).

    As a killer, I got a friend request from a survivor who'd died in my match. I reluctantly accepted it, only to be barraged by a string of insults, "garbage killer" comments, and hilariously enough, the insult of "camper". I had to ask him if he'd noticed the survivor who started flashlight clicking when I hooked him, then that survivor looping me around his hook (and their eventually getting downed, while he went into struggle and no one else could help him off the hook). I asked why he wasn't mad at them for keeping me there -- he continued his insult stream at me before I just exited the conversation -- his teammate was the real "enemy" there, but he obviously didn't care, lol.

  • Yords
    Yords Member Posts: 5,781

    1/5 games, so pretty often

  • AceInTheKate
    AceInTheKate Member Posts: 100

    Playing Rank 1 killer on xbox once every 4 or 5 games. On pc as a rank 1 killer its usually around the same or xbox unless its a swf. Idc i just laugh. I get the most hate mail against swfs. If I do bad its "gg ez" or "git gud noob" I got those before. If I do good its usually about me slugging them(I play alot dirtier against swfs at rank 1) its " f word camper(they are at the hook)" " you f word slugger" "virgin alert" and others. Its pretty funny but also sad. I just try and have fun. I usually say gg and leave to avoid it

  • FregglesFred
    FregglesFred Member Posts: 317

    I get them left and right through PC chat.

    I just don't follow survivor rules and do what I do.

  • Moisette
    Moisette Member Posts: 127

    I've gotten insulted a few times, but nothing near what other people have gotten and I feel lucky. I got to where I'd say "gg :3" if I feel like the match went well, even if I died - especially if the Killer did a good job and even when they let me or the last person have hatch or open the exit.

    I've been keeping chat closed lately, though. I mostly get people on console and every so often someone on PC. I've checked it a few times the past month just to see gg's and thank yous and the like which makes me happy.

    I've had Killers be jerks and I've had Survivors be jerks. I tend to not say anything negative and just move on.

  • ImHexyAndINoed
    ImHexyAndINoed Member Posts: 504

    As Killer: Almost every game

    As Survivor: Every other game(70% Survivor 30% Killer)

  • Patiencehero
    Patiencehero Member Posts: 54

    Ironically, I've been pretty lucky the past couple days, but DID get one SWF yesterday that was blatantly trolling and BMing. They knocked out 3 gens at a time, dropped a pallet on me and started teabagging, then when I downed that one and gave her a smack for BMing, her friends flashlight clicked and teabagged while one of them unhooked her through bodyblock.

    So, I tunneled the hell out of her, put her into second hook, camped her until there was a sliver left, then pretended to go off somewhere and let her get unhooked.

    Got the usual "Hahahaha" "Get #########" "u suck #########" "enjoy your missing mori, #########", and of course, the N word. Told them to enjoy their queue, and responded to their further abuse with "cry more". "lawl why would we cry, we escaped".

    Final thing I said was "You guys are awful aggressive for not being mad. I believe perhaps you should see a doctor for that." Don't know if they saw it or not.

    What they don't know is I was laughing the entire time. I never intended to get a sacrifice - I LITERALLY tunneled the one to near death just to make them mad, so they could feel the shoe on the other foot.

  • Skullgrind
    Skullgrind Member Posts: 118

    Almost every game as killer. Probably every 3 games as survivor.

    I consider straight hate messages as toxicity. I don't mind a bit of ribbing and smack talk.

  • celesteismore
    celesteismore Member Posts: 173

    I know this is about toxic messages but one time I got feedback from a survivor when I was playing trapper. They said I did great and to use a perk to slow down gens I didn't really have any perks for gens.

  • Noobe
    Noobe Member Posts: 152

    ive turned off chat and have been playing with it off for like 1-2 months now and it feels so much better and honestly i have a lot more fun playing

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