Constructive feedback.


So Paulie Esther is trying to get people to focus on giving constructive specific criticism. I'm doubtful that it'll matter, but screw it. I'll try it.

1) The sacrifice progression bar is too small. It's very hard to tell how much time the hooked person has.

2) The placement of the various icons is too spread out. You can no longer determine the state of the game at a glance.

3) The survivor icons are too small. Seeing if they are downed/hooked is difficult.

4) The survivor animations look terrible and feel clunky.

5) Survivor movement is too restricted now.

6) The Game map has an absurd amount of pallets.

7) There are far too many breakable walls on the game map.

8) I dislike the new placement and size of the blood point scoring events.

Positive feedback:

1) The maps are very nice aesthetically.

2) The game map is very open. It feels really nice for an indoor map.

3) The slash added for injured survivors is nice.

4) The perk updates were a nice QoL change.

That's the stuff off the top of my head.


  • Lycidas
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    edited February 2021

    I agree with nearly everything you said, especially number 1, 2 and 3: it feels like I have to CONCENTRATE on the icons to understand who just went down and if someone healed or not

    About survivor I can give only killer feedback for the moment, and I have nothing to complain about on that matter, but again, I still haven't played survivor

    Oh wait, in the new HUD you can see the blood point event scores? I didn't notice that until the 4th killer match I played, and I don't know why they have to be THAT FAR AND SMALL at the corner of the screen (the size of my HUD is 90% and no, I won't increase it since the other parts of it become king kong sized if I do it)

    Maps are cool, I agree, but there are a couple of fat shaming spots here and there (already opened/upvoted the bug reports)

  • ClassicSun
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    Yes, yes, and yes.