Cancel Rank Reset This Month Due To Emblem Bug De-Pipping


So as you (the devs) are well aware, there's a bug in the emblem scoring system that is falsely de-pipping ranks like crazy. Even a safety/black pip is cause for a depip now. It's been incredibly frustrating to the community. I myself just went from Rank 3 to Rank 7 within a day of playing, given killers are playing especially sweaty cause of the new Tome challenges and there's no safety pipping due to the bug. I'm also a solo survivor which makes pipping a lot more difficult in comparison to SWF. At this rate, I'll be facing being deranked to Rank 13 by rank reset if I don't stop playing the game. I didn't put in 4000+ hours to have to face that insane grind to place back up in the ranks and skill level where I belong. Please cancel rank reset until this bug is fixed. It's not fair to any of the player base both new and old nor anyone that was excited and/or put money into the lunar event, cosmetics and the new rift.