Crazy theory about the new survivor and the entity itself - It's all a simulation

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Okay so hear me out...

The new survivor is a sort of hacker, and some updates ago the tvs in the game got all weird showing lips of someone.

And with the recent twitter take over it got me thinking...what if the hacker is trying to hack the entity universe...because the entity isn't a god or anything, but it's actually a computer simulation?

A computer simulation created by an agency where they kidnap and recruit those that are the bravest and most ambitious, both to survive and to kill.

This simulation tests want to see how survivors react in a mental and physical way to the dangers they are presented.

I know this might sound crazy but hey it's just a theory! A DBD THEORY


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    Seriously though, maybe the lore will tie together in this chapter. I'm excited to see what they do and how it'll go over. I'm not one for fourth wall breaks in games like these, but if this is the case they may do some cool stuff to expand on the world rather than something like Danganronpa V3 did lol

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    Crazy indeed

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    Fixed the ending, I was writing, then went out then came back and forgot to write the pun

    But yes you are right, a lot of speculations people created about the entity starting with a cult million of years ago . But on the other would explain how certain weird events happen in the entity realms, they are taken from "survivors and killers memories" which could explain how this simulation is created, they simply capture the killers, put some machines and collect their memories

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    Gooood fix, also yeah it would make sense but it would also be really lazy. Still like the theory tho :)

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    For a while I hated V3's ending, but over time I've come to absolutely love it.

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    What a great agency, managed to kidnap a tall sick woman from B.C (?

    The theory sounds pretty interesting tho

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    I liked it from the start. It's not perfect, but there's lots of elements that I like about it.

    The best part being how it creates a boatload of archaeological storytelling across the entire game to piece together the full picture, rather than explaining absolutely everything like the other endings did. It's very fitting to finish with what's essentially a Trial 7 for the community to solve. (and, much like a class trial, it comes with some extremely easy logical pitfalls some people fall into from the start)

    For anyone thinking "why are you being so frustratingly vague!?"- Danganronpa is one of those things where you should avoid spoilers like the plague, and as far as I know BHVR's forums don't have spoilertext.

    Anyway, as for the actual topic, simulation or dream theories have the classic issue of being unfalsifiable, so you really need to bring your A game to even start to entertain them.

    Not to mention this implies that either Bill from Left 4 Dead is a real person in the real world who fought real zombies, or the programmers decided to code Bill from Left 4 Dead into their super serious survivor research. Instead of Coach.

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    Thats the thing, they could collect dna from old corpses and are trying to figure out what makes someone evil, and they do this by pushing this simulated killers into killing and doing horrible things, who knows, maybe all the killers memories are all created by this agency