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Reminder that Groaning Storehouse has an infinite/near-infinite. Please do something ab it.

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020
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2 windows in Groaning Storehouse's main building create a loop that is so insanely big that chase can break, creating an infinite/god loop. It happens to me every single time I play on that map either as killer or survivor. There is 0 thought needed to loop that disgustingly strong window (I have turned my brain off and just held shift + W+ pressed space so many times to force a killer off of me), yet it can waste minutes of the killer's time and there is nothing they can do about it unless they're Nurse, Spirit, Blight, maybe Doctor after a massive loop or two (possibly less with addons), and maybe Pyramid. Apparently the larger window can be countered by Huntress and Slinger but the small one is a god loop against them. Imagine that, 4.4m/s and can't use your power around a huge window. You cannot mindgame the loop because of the sheer length of it and the (non-gameplay) windows allowing survivors to see through it.

Even if you could eventually get close enough to keep chase going, you could probably waste 2 minutes at that window with no counterplay available except literally just leaving. The breakable wall also does nothing. I'm pretty sure going through the breakable wall opening might be the same as just going through the window, which is exactly what god loops were.

If you don't believe me, go in a KYF, play any killer/have your friend play a killer that can't attack from high range or catch up insanely fast like the ones listed, and see how long your time is wasted chaining those 2 windows at that main building.


  • Dizzy1096
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    fix the windows, please.

    Seal off the little one like last year, this is an infinite against 110% killers.

    With the larger one, it doesn't need to be ultra unsafe like it was last year, just move the window a tiny bit closer to the breakable wall.

  • NeonFlowerPower
    NeonFlowerPower Member Posts: 135

    It was actually fixed before these terrible map reworks. I think only one window stayed open (sometimes closed off) and both pallets always spawned inside. But you know... BHVR loves ruining things.