Perk ideas for Benedict Baker

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Awhile ago I came up with some ideas for perks for Benedict Baker, were he ever added to the game. They were designed with him in mind, but they could be adapted to anyone.

Here's what I came up with:

Bear the Shame– Sometimes, you just have to make difficult choices. When the gates are powered, you perform Survival actions 6/8/10% faster and gain 50/75/100% more Blood Points for the Survival category, but you can no longer perform any acts of Altruism. The aura of Survivors with this perk will glow red once the gates are powered. “I ask myself if I am better off alone, or if we can go further together. Sometimes I bear shame as I sneak away from the screams…” Benedict Baker

Be Quiet, Be Still – You have mastered the art of going undetected. While uninjured, remaining motionless while crouched/crouched or standing will grant you immunity to the Killer’s aura reading abilities and your breathing is reduced by 50% (Tier 3). “Don’t try to fight them. You can’t. Stay low. Be quiet. Be still. Wait for them to pass…” Benedict Baker

I’ve Seen This Before – You’re familiar with the thinking patterns of most Killers, and this unlocks potential in your Aura Reading abilities. When a fellow Survivor is hooked, the Killer’s Aura is revealed to you for 4/5/6 seconds. “I’ve been a prisoner in this dreary realm for so long that I almost understand the beasts. I am familiar with how they think and act. It’s horrifying to think I bear sympathy for them.” – Benedict Baker


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    I like them, except maybe with "Bear the Shame" it should only reduce the action speed of altruism, rather than prevent it all together. Though, even with the preventing of it, I like the glowing red part of it, because you'd have to think as the other Survivors "This guy wouldn't be coming back for me, why should I help him?" lol