Legion Vaulting Hitches

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After vaulting a pallet (any pallet) or a window, the Legion briefly loses all momentum. You can see this happen with the brief camera stutter that occurs after vaulting. This bug is fairly disorienting, and has been present since the 3.7.0 update. This occurred after a change was made to their vaulting...

This was the change in particular that broke the vaulting animation, and has been causing the hitch ever since.

recent bug fixes

Recently, there was an update to this situation that fixed the animation's visuals, however still left the camera issue and movement loss unfixed. This particular change was made in the 4.7.2 update...

video evidence and demonstration

If you would like a visual understanding as to what the Legion's pallet vault is supposed to look like, you can watch this video I made that showcases the issue.

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