So with the recent events with the All Kill chapter, are you worried for the fifth anniversary?


The All Kill chapter dropped couple days ago, and the community says Trickster is by far the worse killer in the game. Quite frankly he's very bad, and his power is just very wacky honestly. So I think we have our official worst killer in the game, and no Clown was never the worst to me.. Back to the topic these last two chapters have been major disappointments, and I imagine a lot of people are very skeptical of what they think is gonna happen with the fifth anniversary coming around the corner. I can only imagine that this next chapter is gonna be a make or break for the community, especially since it's more than likely gonna be licensed. I mean with how things have been since the Halloween event last year, I'd be very conspicuous if the game plans on getting better. If the next chapter disappoints I can only imagine the implosion that will be served here on the forums, will be interesting to see.