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This game is to broken to have a feature like this, with the camping, tunneling, crashes, network issues and toxicity, it just doesn't work. There is an alternative to a dc for survivors anyway so what's the point of having a dc penalty when it's the only way for killers (one of the only ways for survivors) to leave a boring unfun match. Either take your report system seriesly and take out dc penalty, or just remove it. I don't feel like waiting an hour after my Internet cuts out to play another match.


  • Orion
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    Almost nothing on your list is an excuse to DC.

    The gameplay things you mentioned (tunneling and whatnot) are just that: gameplay. They're allowed. In fact, DCing for these reasons is partly why the penalty is there to begin with.

    Crashes are for the devs to fix. Sucks that you get a penalty, but if that weren't the case, then people who can make the game crash on purpose (can be done quite easily if you know what you're doing) would be able to DC.

    Network issues on your end are something you need to solve. Network issues on the devs' end are for the devs to solve. Again, sucks that you get a penalty.

    Toxicity, while a major pain in the ass, is not a reason to DC either.

    If the penalty doesn't do anything, then why do you want it removed? If it makes no difference, then it shouldn't matter whether it's present or not.

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    The game is not too broken to have this. None of the issues you listed are valid reasons to disconnect in the middle of the match. Not even the game crashes or network issues. If your up to an hour then either your system or network is not adequate for the game or your not being honest about the reason behind your disconnects.

    If your having issues with your connection it is on your end or somewhere in between you and the game servers. Use a trace route to locate where it is happening. If it was the game servers more players would be having the issue which is not the case.

    Same thing with game crashes. If it was a problem with the game more players would be experiencing it which is also not the case.

    The DC penalty does what it was designed for well. When I disconnect I normally get 5 minutes and I have never had longer than 15 minutes. If there is a problem with internet or in one of the hops between me and the game servers I wait until it is fixed/resolved. The same thing with if I am having a system issue. Whether it be hardware or a software issue I resolve it before playing. If I were to still play with either of those situations and I disconnect it is my fault and the penalty is warranted.

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  • sulaiman
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    Oh oh, i know the answer to that one: "No!"

  • Thatbrownmonster
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    Disconnecting from games should be only used for emergencies

    If you disconnect at any inconvenience in-game, maybe this game isn't for you

  • Aquamarine
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    DC:ing is common already. Survivors dc quite commonly if they face a certain killer, get caught first or try to bm, it fails, and they dc. Imagine what would it be if there were no penalty at all.

  • Lordofweed
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    I would not like do remove if completely, but they could tweak it, so the first dc/leave is free per day and the second one is 5 mins, third one is 10, after that 30 and 1 hour after several leaves/dcs in 24h of real time.

    I guess further stacking is not good for the Game. 1 Hour is enough punishment i guess and almost 6 minutes for the first dc (how it is now) is too much imo. I want do get 1 leave for free per day or lets say only 30s to 1 Minute. This is enough.

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