Question for the Vommy Mommy players.

thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

What are your preferred builds? I'm still leveling her but am finding her surprisingly fun.


  • Soulpaw
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    not my main but i run corrupt, infectious, BBQ, Ruin.

    Game plan

    Start of game- find survivor and puke on em them leave em and find another survivor. repeat until i infect 3-4 people then start downing.

    mid game- if people cleanse, use BBQ to find survivors and use red puke if its on the way to a survivor, otherwise keep infecting and chasing.

    late game if not going well - red puke and slug with infectious if viable to slug.

  • InnCognito
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    I play Plague and Doctor most.

    It depends upon the ranks you are playing against, the tactics you plan on using, and what type of groups you are most likely being matched against.

    Plague is very TALL. Which means she is easily spotted from a distance. When I play. I try and utilize add-ons that;

    • increase the infection's ability to inflict a status on the survivor (Emetic add-on). Will amplify this.
    • Rate of infection (Sever Toe add-on). Will assist with this.

    If you are playing in a match where you plan on LOCKING down 3 generators at the END of the match. Couple your add-ons with good perks.

    • Corrupt intervention (holds 3 generators for you)
    • Warden + NOED
    • Swap one of the listed add-ons with Haematite Seal for holding a generator.
    • Thana (perk) is good too, with plague for lower ranks. It slows down generator progression.

    Pro-plays could also be made with the use of Whispers, with 2 of the "Apple" add-ons. (green and yellow) and then go for instant Corrupt Purge from one of the pools. If they are near a filled pool.

    Sometimes you can benefit from pallet smashing perks such as Brutal Strength, to make up for some time lost.

    If I am NOT using "apple plays". I try and NOT pull from the pools, Since that is time that I am not pressuring survivors off of generators. So I rely on the ooze to deter survivors from interacting with the generator.

  • MadLordJack
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    Ruin/Surge/Tinkerer/Discordance. The ability to take survivors by surprise is amazing, plus Discordance is one of her best perks. I also like Ruin/Undying/Retribution/Infectious Fright, or Ruin/Undying/Thrill of The Hunt/Devour Hope.

  • Ryan489x
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    I have a better question.

    Why to people come up with nicknames for killers. it just doesn't make sense.

    and For this I present the Chewbaca defense.

    He is a wookie from the planet Kashik

    But he lives on the Moon of Endor


  • Callisto_
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    Bbq, corrupt, infectious and pop. I prefer pop over ruin because I hate hex perks because the spawns has always been bad and they refuse to fix it. Sometimes I use monitor over corrupt to combo with infectious with the bigger terror radius.

  • DonZwiebel
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    I prefer playing her aggressive with BBQ(Maybe Discordance), Thanatophobia, Haunted Grounds and infectious Fright and bringing the two apples for two more corrupted pools. Then instantly walking to a pool close to gens were survs are most likely to work on and hopefully begin to snowball very early.

  • Dwigtht
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    from my favorite standalone perks (not a part of some specific build) I prefer:

    Brutal Straight -- really helps with pallets, works well with Enduring. Also, sometimes healthy survivors won't touch an infected gen, so sometimes it is good idea to damage the gen in mid chase

    Corrupt Intervention -- helps not to lose gens and sometimes gives you an idea where are the survivors, since they often spawn at the corrupt area.

    Monitor and Abuse -- confuses many survivors and let's you puke on them while they are still doing gen. Good with "Infectious Fright" to get the idea where other survivors are. But I am not using Infectious that often on Plague.

    Discordance -- really helps to find multiple targets, but not always

    Bamboozle -- surprisingly helps a lot, not all the time, but with some nasty loops

    BBQ -- Obviously, works well on all killers


    Double cooldown is amazing, I prefer to use "Potent Tincture" + "Incensed Ointment" over other addons when I have enough of those

    "Black Incense" is good with everything

    For "Iridescent Seal" you probably need a build, like Corrupt -- to disable gens far away and infect all others, Thickener to sneak to the gen that is being done, Cruel Limits to block the vaults in the area and Bitter Murmur to see the survivors aura. Good meme build.

    Full Totem builds:

    Ruin + Undying or Thrill of the Hunt + Retribution + Devour Hope + "Black Incense"

    Ruin + Huntress Lullaby + Retribution + Devour Hope + "Black Incense"

    Meme Builds

    With "Saver the best for last", "Mad Grit", "Agitation" and BBQ I was able to rank up from Rank 5 to Rank 1. Just hit a survivor when they are not yet fully infected to get the SBTFL stack and don't reveal Mad Grit by spamming M1 at the beginning of the match. Not 100% guarantee, but it is fun to down 2-3 other survivors while you are carrying one already.

    "A Nurses Calling"... because who would expect Nurses on Plague? -- but you need survivors who would often cleanse and stop infecting them once you get enough corrupt pools. Pairs well with "Devotee's Amulet" (corrupt duration) + "Worship Tablet" (corrupt speed) or Double cooldown.

    Plague is my favorite killer so far.

  • Mistikus
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    my build on her is bbq, whispers dyinglight and the 4th one whatever you like to pick

  • Aneurysm
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    Slowdown can be a good route as gens often go quickly against her. She's one of the best users of thana and possibly the only good user of dying light.

    Pwyf is also good, vile purge doesn't take stacks (it didn't used to anyway) you can be a real vomit comet

    Whispers bc a lot of survivors will hide when you're corrupted

    I also love her own perks on her, so currently I'm just running corrupt, IF, DD and BBQ