BenZ0's free tournament (PC) (Recruitment closed)

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Just a tournament for fun, ppl with any kind of skill level are welcome, I will be the judge for the Killer's view and a friend of mine for the survivor's view. We both have over 3k+ hours atleast and have a very good skill cap so we both are very capable of judging at a neutral way and giving points.

We will rate your gameplay, gens, hooks and kills will also be counted BUT are not the main goal. We will judge the CHASE and the decision making of both sides, what moves everyone does, how they react and act at various situations. How the chase went, mindgames, smart plays, good power management etc.

Since this is the first tournament it will be just casual at first but if this will go well I plan to host a real tournement with a real prize pool.

Discord server:

Start of the tournament is the 25th of june 18:00 GMT 2+

Thanks for your attention!

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