New Chapter - A Divine Sample of Meat and Blood

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I know we already have like 2.5 cannible killers but I thought of this idea before that.

Please note hat this killer will seem OP because of his loaded kit, but killers can (and will) be nerfed and values can be tweaked if he is too OP.

New Killer - The butcher
Backstory - Pending
Looks - 
Yes, this is not my creation or picture but he is what I want the killer to look like. He is from Little Nightmares, go support that game.

Terror Radius - 32m
Speed - 114%
Weapon - Cleaver
Mori - Throw them on the ground in a choke hold. The survivor will struggle and he will put his finger over their mouth to shush them, then he will slit their throat, giveing them a swift death.
Power (LCtrl) - Bloodspill:
You have 4 charges of Bloodspill. Activate to use one charge of bloodspill to spill out a stream of blood behind you. This blood will spill for 10 seconds and each "puddle" will last for 10 seconds. Blood will slow down survivors when walked on by 6% and speed you up when walked on by 6%. You keep your blood in mason jars.
You refill one charge of Bloodspill with a successful hit on a survivor.

Secondary Power (M2)- Cleaver and Chain
Your meat cleaver is attatched to a chain that you throw to hit survivors. It has a range of 5m. The drawback is that using it will not gain you any distance, so a missed attack is more penalizing.
After a hit or miss, you must stop and collect the chain.

1)Rusty Blade - Survivors hit with only your ranged cleaver attack suffer from the hemmorage status effect
2) Double Link Chain - increase the range if your cleaver attack by 1m
3) Salt Packet - increase the time that blood spill is active by 2 seconds
4) Mixing Bowl - Slightly increase the width of the bloodspill path

1)Etched Blade - Survivors hit with your ranged cleaver attack suffer from the mangled effect
2)Cleaver grip - decreases the time between cleaver tosses by .5 seconds
3) Mixed Pig Blood) Increases both the speed and slow effects of the blood by 1%
4) Mixed Chicken Blood) Increases the time the blood stays on the ground by 2 seconds
5)No-tangle chain - slightly increases movement speed while gathering chain

1) Mason Jar- Increases available blood spill charges by 1
2) Soiled Milk - Survivors in the blood have their auras reveiled to you whike in it, and for 3 seconds after they leave
3) Fat Crusted Blade - Increases the time it takes to be healed from the Cleaver ranged attack by 8 seconds
4) Tripple Chain link - increases the range of the cleaver attack by 3m

(Very Rare)
1) Mayonaise Jar - Increases bloodspill charges by 3
2) Lemon Juice Blade - survivors hit by the ranged cleaver attack are exausted for 60 seconds
3)Bloody funnel - all charges of blood spill are gained from a single attack
4)Mixed Goat Blood - increase all speed and slow values of blood spill by 3%
5) Crisco laced blood - survivors in the blood spill are unable to interact with pallets

(Ultra Rare)
1) Irridecent tippled cleaver - Survivors hit with your ranged cleaver attack take 500% longer to recover from negative status effects including exposed, exhausted, blindness, hindered, mangled, hemmorage.
2) Irridecent Blood - survivors spend a collective 10 seconds on the blood will be given a random status effect from this list for the rest of the trial
1)Mangled (25%)
2)Hindered (6%)
3) Hemmorage
4) Blindness


-Surviviors who are put into the dying state for the first time cannot move.
Any additional time they are put into the dying state, their movement speed and recovery speed are reduced by 20/40/60%
"#########! He cut my tendons" I cant move my legs!" 
- Unknown

Cooking and killing
-When you hit a survivor for thw firs

Please Him For A Feast
-When you hook a survivor the entity is pleased with you and will break 1 / 1 or 2 / 2 or 3 turned or unturned pallets and permenently block 1 window for the rest of the trial.
"The great force knows what it wants, but also what you want" Benedict Baker

Survivor - Ally Reed
Story - pending
Title - Thrifty cheapskate
-When searching a chest, you get a choice of 2 items instead of 1. You can also restock your current items charges by 30/35/40% as well
Clean Getaway 
- When being unhooked or unhooking another survivor, gain 5/10/15% movement speed for 10 seconds
Hold Out - You get 25/35/45% more time in the struggle phase of the hook and it is worth 85% more bloodpoints

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