Killer Suggestion: The Possessor (copy from steam forums)

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Many people live greedy lives. But many pale in comparison to the reclusive billionaire Alexander Quire. His manor home is as far as possible from civilization, hidden deep in the woods, and serves as his own personal treasue vault. Art, books, jewelry and every other valuable thing you can imagine has been stored there. His most prominent collection consists of antique suits of armor from all over the world. He treasures these above all and personally inspects and cleans them daily.

As time passed, his health began to fail him. But even when the best doctors around told him he needed to go to a hospital for care, he refused to leave his manor... and his possessions. Eventually, he passed on. His will declared that all of his belongings are to remain in the home, and that the home be sealed off as a sort of tomb. He had no family to contest it, so it was done by a private contractor that had been hired before his death.

News of this abundant treasure spread quickly, and many people thought about going to see what they could find. But for all the people who talked about going, none ever came back saying they had succeeded. A state official was sent to see if anyone had tried to break in to the manor, but they too never returned.

New rumors began spreading. The manor was now considered haunted by many in the nearest towns. And the elders ALL taught their children to stay clear of the Quire estate.


The possessor is a spirit. It has no physical body, and must manipulate other things to affect the world around him. As such, he has no terror radius unless he is possessing something. He can not be seen by the naked eye, but is detectable via detection perks. In his spirit form he moves at twice the normal killer speed, and can not affect survivors directly.

Killer Power - Possession

Possession has multiple uses:
1) The Possessor can inhabit suits of armor that appear around the map. While inhabiting an armor, the possessor acts like most killers. He uses a sword that accompanies the armors. If he captures a survivor (either by downing them or grabbing them from an object) he doesn't throw them over his shoulder. Instead he is able to possess them directly. The armor then falls dormant and remains wherever the transfer happened. Once in control of the survivor he moves their bodies clumsily but quickly (at full killer speed/ faster than survivors). If he takes them to a hook, he will leave them after they are lifted onto the hook. The survivor can "wiggle" to regain control of their body and force him out. The survivor also gains control and forces him out if stunned/ blinded. The posessor can leave a survivor or armor by at will by using his power again.

2) The Possessor can possess objects around the map: player items, generators, closets, hooks, chests, totems and exit switches. Possessing an object requires channeling his power for a few seconds (similar to Wraith cloak/ decloak). His camera changes to a 3rd person camera centered slighly above the object, and he can look around in any direction. He can switch his possession directly to another object within a certain distance by channeling his power again. While possessing an object, he has no terror radius but can not move or affect the object in any way. He can NOT possess an item currently being interacted with by a survivor. He can not be forced out of an object the ways he can be forced out of a survivor, but can leave them at will with a secondary action. When a survivor interacts with an object he is possessing, he automatically possesses that survivor (as described above).


Stolen Thoughts - "The killer probes a captured survivors mind to find their friends." While a survivor is in the killers grasp, the auras of all other survivors within 10/ 15/ 20 meters are revealed to the killer.

Overprotective - "The killer really dislikes it when people mess with his things. It's like he knows." When a survivor begins to interact with an object, their aura is revealed to the killer for 2/ 4/ 6 seconds if they are outside of his terror radius.

Greed - "Everything belongs to me! Even you!" While chasing a survivor, if the chase lasts for more than 30 seconds, the killers speed increases by 10%. The killers speed increases an additional 5% every 10 seconds after that. The effect stops if the chase ends and doesn't start again within 5 seconds.