Killer Suggestion: The Stalker (copy from steam forums)

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The Stalker

A large cat-like creature, that was made famous in the region it lived due to its savage and brutal kills of creatures that entered its territory.

Recruited by The Entity almost like a pet, it now hunts a jungle type of trial arena. Protecting its new domain because that's all it knows how to do.


  • A large jungle cat (Lion, Tiger, etc.) but slightly tainted in a way. Purhaps darker than normal fur, or signs of "training" by The Entity that mark the beast as a now obedient servant.
  • Because it walks on all fours, its height is just about the height of a vault. making it dificult to see at a distance behind walls, boxes or other objects on the map.

Weapon: Claws

Ability: Stalk

  • The Stalker drops it's terror radius completely but can now only walk at a normal pace and slightly lowers it's body to the ground. This will allow it to hide more effectively in tall grassy spots. There could be an add-on that gives a chameleon-like effect in this state.
  • If the stalker attacks while in this state it does a pouncing attack that will down in one hit. The pounce goes in a straight line from the point of activation and can not adjust mid-action.


  • Since The Stalker can not physically place the survivor on a hook, it would need a unique sacrifice mechanic. Perhaps The Stalker would drag its prey over to a small den where cubs come out and grapple with the survivor until the cubs drag the survivor into the den to a waiting entity.
  • Struggle would be one of the cubs lunging for the face and needing to be held at bay.
  • A survivor rescue would involve knocking away the cubs so the captured survivor could get up and run.
  • Sabotage of a Den would be knocking down some small rocks in front of the opening to close it off.
  • The Basement is replaced with a cave with several dens surrounding its interior.


  • Rips the survivors neck/ intestines out in an animalistic fashion.