Killer Suggestion: The Illusionist (copy from steam forums)

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The Illusionist was once a famous Las Vegas performer. No one else was able to match his spectacular magical acts. And anyone who got close to doing so... suffered a terrible accident.
Rumors of his sabotaging the competition spread like wildfire, but there was never any proof. But one of his assistants turned on him and went to the police after one such action killed the competitor and injured a portion of the audience.

Fleeing from the law, the illusionist disappeared. His last know whereabouts were found to be in a secluded cabin in the woods. But no trace of where he went after that was ever found.


Showmans Staff - A walking stick with a large metal handle. Once decorated and flashy to add to the splendor of his shows, now it shows age and wear as it is put to another purpose.


Illusion - Filled with true magic of The Entity, The Illusionist creates false objects to confuse and trap survivors. The objects can vary from chests, to cabinets or even hooks. If a survivor trys to interact with an illusionary object it becomes slightly monster-like and grabs the survivor. Trapping them in place and alerting the Illusionist until they fight free or are helped by another survivor. The illusionary object disappears once the survivor gets free.


Slight of hand: When the survivor is hit by the killers weapon, if they are holding an item it becomes another random item of common quality. The new item reverts back to the original item in 20/ 40/ 60 seconds or when the items charge is fully expended.

In the spotlight: Flashlights no longer obscure the vision of the killer, but still stun them. They are stunned by flashlights for 15%/ 10%/ 5% longer than normal.

Showstopper:The killer is no longer able to see the auras of survivors (other perks/ add-ons can not override this effect). Survivors in the killers terror radius can no longer see the auras of other survivors no matter what their condition is (other perks/ add-ons can not override this effect).