Killer Suggestion: The Taur (copy from steam forums)

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General concept:
A minotaur killer. But done in a fashion that would be more lore friendly than the actual man/ bull hybrid of greek mythology


Jonathan Bullock was an entertainer at a fantasy themed amusement park. Because of his size and physique, he was selected to wear a large prosthetic bull head and play the part of a mythical beast of yore. He spent his days playfully chasing people through a mock-up labyrinth. While the job was not very challenging, it was the best he could get after getting out of prison 1 year prior. He was content though. His anger is what got him into trouble in the past, and this job was laid-back enough he could control it now. Or so he thought...

One day, a group of teens (who seemed like they were under the influence) decided to mess with him. As soon as they entered his labyrinth, they started calling out to draw him close to them. He was used to it, just part of the job. But these guys went further than most. As he turned a corner, he sees them goading him to chase. He was more than ready to comply as this was the norm for his job. He begins his charge, roaring a bit to stay in character.

As he advanced he was suddenly tripped by another teen in an adjacent hall. He fell and his bull head smashed open a bit as it connected with the ground. He turns over just in time for one of the teens to pour a fountain drink into the now open mask. Laughter reverberates in the narrow hall, but suddenly fades into a muffled background noise. Rage builds up within him almost instantly. A loud scream escapes from his lips as he feels his mace strike something. Then again... and again... and again.

He doesn't know how many times he pounded the face of that teenage boy. He also didn't care. He was rage incarnate at that moment. He looked up and saw another one of the teens in shock at what he just did. He charged again, but this time with intent. The teen dodged to the side and he crashed into the thin prop wall, breaking through and falling forward a bit, but he stayed on his feet.

Before him stood many startled park-goers, and he sobered slightly from his rage. He needed to leave, right now.

He ran from the park, costume and all, and he was not found.

Killer Weapon: Mace

A prop replica of the ancient weapon of old. It has been reinforced with scrap metal to become a viable weapon.

Killer power: Bull Rush

The Taur charges forward, inflicting an instant downed state on any survivors hit (can hit multiple survivors). There is a small build up before the charge begins and can be cancelled before finishing. Once the charge begins, it can not be stopped until the Taur hits a solid map object/ wall. The Taur can manuver slightly while charging (affected by add-ons). Once the charge ends the Taur is stunned (similar to pallet stun, affected by perks/ add-ons).


Bull-Headed - The killer is too stubborn to stop. The killer has a 20%/ 35%/ 50% chance of ingnoring a stun from any source. If the stun is not avoided, it's duration is doubled.

Stomping Grounds - This is the killers domain. He knows it better than anyone. The killer is more aware of his surroundings. Killer notifications are triggered from 5/ 10/ 15 meters further away and 25%/ 50%/ 75% less affected by survivor perks.

Get the Horns - Survivors in your terror radius are slowed by 15% for 10/ 20/ 30 seconds after the killer is successfully stunned.