Killer Suggestion: The Plagued (copy from steam forums)

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The Plagued is somewhat humanoid, but looks like a bloated mass of slime and refuse up close. It lacks defining characteristics such as face and digits. Its limbs end in semi-rounded stumps.


The Plagued has no weapon other than it's large, club-like arms.


Desecration - Desecration is a Passive ability and does not need to be used or activated in any way. As The Plagued moves, it leaves a wake of putrid slime that taints the world it covers. The effects of which will dissipate after 1 minute without The Plagued moving over that area again. Survivors that enter an affected area will be stricken with a toxin that dissipates from their system after 30 seconds of remaining outside of an affected area. The toxin reduces the speed in which that survivor is healed by 25% and increases the chances of skillchecks during healing by 50%. Add-ons will adjust these values and/ or add additional effects.


Gum in the Gears - When the killer damages a generator it does 3%/ 5%/ 7% damage instantly and then begins to degenerate the progress like normal. Before any repair progress can be made on that gen, a "great skill check" must be passed by one of the survivors working on the gen. When the skill check is successfully passed it instantly repairs the gen by 10% and returns the gen to normal condition. If the Degeneration process completes, the effect is removed from the gen.

Toxic Strike - The killers attack doesn't injure the survivor, but instead poisons them. A poison bar (similar to borrowed time) appears on the UI and begins counting down. The poison, if not healed within 120/ 90/ 60 seconds will injure the survivor 1 health state. A poisoned survivor can not be healed for 20 seconds after being poisoned. Healing the poison slowly refills the poison bar, and if filled to completion the poison effect ends. Poison must be healed before a health state can be healed. and instant health state effects only heal the poison. If the killer strikes a survivor who is already poisoned, the survivor is injured like normal. If downed, the poison effect ends.

Fetid Fog - The fog smells more foul than usual. Survivors preform actions slower dependant on the strength of the fog. Action speeds are reduced by 1%/ 1%/ 2% per level of the fog (starting at lightest fog and increasing up to thickest fog).