Killer Suggestion: The Evolution (copy from steam forums)

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Basic concept:

A killer that grows in strength throughout the match. The longer the match goes on, and the more hardship it faces, it becomes more dangerous. [Yes, the concept is loosely based on the monsters from Evolve]


A ruined laboratory is all that remained. Whatever the original purpose of the experiment was, it failed. The test subject reacted to the serum very unexpectedly, and grew beyond their safety measures faster than they could respond. The subject quickly grew in size and muscle mass, and any attempt to restrain or subdue it only seemed to hasten the effects. In a state of panic, one of the lead researchers triggered the lock-down protocols. Whatever the subject was becoming, could not leave this lab.

After a couple of hours, the halls were silent. A lab tech was huddled in a storage closet trying to hide from the thing that had killed everyone else. "Killed" is a kind term for it. The subject had ripped people apart. The security forces couldn't stop it, not even with their guns. Every time they seemed to take it down it would dart off suddenly and come back minutes later. Not only would it seem healed, but it looked stronger than before. What had they created?

That thought ended suddenly as the lone tech heard steps outside the closet door. He tried to hold his breath and remain still. The steps got closer, and they seemed to stop in front of the door. A scratching sound came from the area of the door handle and then stopped. Then again, and again. "Is the subject trying to learn how to open the door," he thought. With a loud roar the door suddenly was ripped from its hinges and thrown down the hall. The tech looked up saw the subject, his eyes widening.

The slender, yet muscular, form of the subject was a grotesque sight. It was nearly 6 feet tall. Its skin was almost translucent, revealing the tissues below it. It stood up and looked down on the man, now terrified to the point of silence, sitting on the floor of the closet. And the tech had one final thought before the creature tore into him.

"How could we have done this to an infant?"

Power: Evolution

This killer power charges depending on what the killer does and what is done against it. Once the meter is filled the killer can channel an evolution, which increases their base stats and may add new abilities (depending on add-ons). While performing an evolution the killer can not move and must finish the evolution before they can move again. Survivors can not interrupt this process, but can slow it with a flashlight. Once evolution progress/ stages are gained, they can not go back.

Evolutionary Gain Actions:
(exact values to be determined by balancing)

  • Hitting a survivor
  • Downing a survivor
  • Hooking a survivor
  • Sacrificing a survivor (major bonus)
  • Breaking a pallet or gen.
  • Starting a chase
  • Reaching rank 3 bloodlust (major bonus)
  • Getting stunned (major bonus)
  • Getting blinded (major bonus)
  • Grabbing a survivor from an object (major bonus)
  • Having a Hex Totem broken (major bonus)
  • Spending time in the basement (slow gain over time)


Genetically Superior - Any time the killer channels or charges a power, they do so 5%/ 10%/ 15% faster. Stacks with other similar effects.

Physically Superior - The killer is affected by stuns for 5%/10%/15% less time. The killer does 5%/ 10%/ 15% more damage when destroying generators. Stacks with other similar effects.

Mentally Superior - Aura reading abilities have their ranges increased by 5%/ 10%/ 15% and auras last for 5%/ 10%/ 15% longer.