Killer Suggestion: The Ronin (copy from steam forums)

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Concept: A Samurai Killer

Weapon: Katana

Power: The Warriors Code

  • The Warriors Code is a passive ability that changes depending on a Honor/ Shame meter. As The Ronin gains Honor/ Shame, the meter ticks once in that direction (5 ticks in either direction and a center which is refered to as "Balanced"). After a tick is earned, the meter freezes for 10 seconds before another tick can be earned.
  • Survivors recieve NO indications of how much Honor/ Shame The Ronin has, but there is a audible cue from The Ronin when either is maxed.
  • Maxing out either one freezes the meter for 60 seconds (not allowing Honor/ Shame to be earned).
  • At 3+ Honor: The Ronin performs all actions 50% more quickly (adjusted by add-ons)
  • At 5 Honor: The Ronin moves 25% faster and gains 50% more bloodpoints for all actions.
  • At 3+ Shame: The Ronins regular attacks (not lunges) become wide swings that can hit multiple survivors and have an increased cooldown for both hits and misses (adjusted by add-ons).
  • At 5 Shame: The Ronins attacks put survivors into the dying state with 1 hit.
  • Deviousness points are awarded at each tick, with the most being earned when either Honor or Shame are maxed.

Things that add Honor:

  • Damaging a Gen
  • Breaking a pallet
  • Injuring a survivor
  • Downing a survivor
  • Hooking a Survivor
  • Sacrificing a survivor while at least 10 meters away (2 ticks)

Things that add Shame:

  • Being stunned
  • Being blinded
  • Losing a survivor during a chase
  • Being within 10 meters of a hooked survivor every 10 seconds
  • Being within 20 meters of a hooked survivor every 20 seconds
  • Being within 10 meters of a hooked survivor when they are sacrificed, excluding instant death upon hooking (2 ticks).


Weapon Mastery: "You have refined your weapon skills to almost an art." Your attacks will swing 5%/ 10% 15% faster and further than a normal swing.

Purpose: "You have a task you've been assigned. When one step is done, there is still more to do. Keep moving!" Entity Progression is increased by 15%/ 30%/ 50% while you are 20 meters or more away from the hooked survivor. If another (unhooked) survivor is within 15 meters of a hooked survivor, no matter where the killer is, the hooked survivors Entity Progression is increased by 15%/ 30%/ 50%.

Wanderer: "You've travelled many roads. Whos knows where you'll go next" While this perk is equipped, your map offerings gain 10%/ 25%/ 50% potency. If you get a map you used an offering for, you get a 1%/ 2%/ 3% bonus to movement speed during that match. If you don't get a map you used an offering for, you get the offering back after the match is completed (you do not get the offering if you DC or leave the match early).