Killer Suggestion: The Sorcerer (copy from steam forums)

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A killer that casts different spells.


Magic Staff - A large staff held in one hand. A staple for a master of the Arcane.

Power: Spellbook

The spellbook allows The Sorcerer to cast various spells. Depending on which of the "page" add-ons are used will determine what spells The Sorcerer has for that match. Rarer pages will grant more than one spell each. Each spell has its own cooldown (affected by add-ons/ perks/ rarity) and the killer can cycle between spells with a secondary action. The Sorcerers movement is slowed while casting a spell.


Magic Missile - A basic spell that is always available to The Sorcerer without add-ons. Creates a flickering spark of magic that moves directly towards the nearest survivor at survivor sprint speed. It flies slightly above the killers height and flies over any objects in its way. If it goes over a survivor it shoots down and hits the survivor for one health state. Instant cast and flies for 20 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown at base.

Flame Wall - Creates a non-passable wall of flame for 20 meters in a straight line along the ground ahead of The Sorcerer. Wall passes through objects. If a survivor is standing directly in the path of the flame wall when cast, they are hit for 1 health state. Once cast, the wall prevents anyone from passing it but does not damage a survivor. 5 second cast time and 120 second cooldown at base.

Ice Spray - Showers a circular area in front of The Sorcerer with ice. Creates a patch of ice on the ground that slows any survivor who sprints over it (walking or croutching is unaffected). Survivors in the spary at time of casting are affected by "chilled" and perform all actions 50% slower for 60 seconds. 2 second casting time with a 60 second cooldown at base. Ice patch lasts for 90 seconds.

Lightning Bolt - Cast on a running generator within 30 meters in front of The Sorcerer (can be cast through objects and highlights the gen it's going to hit). Any survivor within 10 meters of the Gen when hit are interrupted and stunned (can not move) for 5 seconds. The hit generator is regressed same as if hit by killer directly. Instant cast with a 90 second cooldown at base.

Shadow Shroud - Envelops The Sorcerer in a dark mist. While shrouded, The Sorcerer is immune to flashlights (or other blinding effects). 2 second cast time and lasts for 30 seconds. Has a 90 second cooldown at base.


Knowledge is Power - When you use your power, this perk gains a token (max of 5). For each token, your power is used 1%/ 2%/ 3% faster and it's cooldown is 0%/ 5%/ 10% faster. When a survivor is hit, lose 2 tokens.

Practice Makes Perfect - Whenever a perk would gain a token, it gains an additional token (up to the max allowed by the perk). When a survivor dies, all your perks with a token lose 2/ 2/ 1 token(s).

Artificer - Hex totems appear as dull totems unless within 2 meters of/ within 1 meter of/ cleansing it.