Keys Stronger than i thought

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i decided to play Doctor, in the lobby no-one have keys.

during the match i noticed that two survivors found a key with plunderer instinct.

i kill two survivors, and there was only two gens left.

i found the hatch first.

now, if i leave, they will use the keys.

if i wait they will finish the gens.

this is already an unfair thing, but this can be even worst.

i decided to camp the hatch.

while sitting in the hatch i see them.

i shock them until the madness 3, because supposedly at madness 3 survivors can't use items.

i hit one of them, he was able to use the key anyways.

now, i have a hatch standoff with the last one, i tried to close the hatch in a position where the second one can't open it again, and let the EGC kill him, but the closing animation put me out of the hatch...

even using a power who deny survivors use items, i lose two of them with 2 gens left, completely unfair.

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  • MadLordJack
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    A SWF party with Plunderers/Appraisal is incredibly unfair. I know, because I've done it lots and the amount I pull a ######### key is insane, a few times I've gotten a pink key with blood amber, and even more than that I get medkits that I give out like the healing fairy.

    Edit: to clarify, I almost always get a purple or pink key, often multiple keys, and always at least a green key because I guess that's just stats for you.

  • TheBus4K
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    B-but you have to repair generators to open the hatch!!!111!1!

    Even today there are kids who defend that the keys aren't bad. The developers months ago said that the keys would receive a change, but the hatch received it, and on the anniversary live they said that they were going to change the keys, but they didn't say anything concrete or any specific date.

    They just delay it indefinitely.

  • Nathan13
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    Yeah it sucks that survivors can open hatch when the killer found it first.

  • Venzhas
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    "I sit on top of the hatch, tryning to close it in a position where the second one can't open it again"

    Then, talks about unfairness lol

  • Yogerman1997
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    if one already escaped with a key don't should a second one be able to do it too.

    and im not going to stay here looking at him forever.

    the only chance i have to kill the second one is close the hatch without letting him be able to jump, and force the EGC to kill him.

  • Vyne456
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    Teabag Teabag

    Hit it off the jet like that

    Uses a key to escape through the hatch

  • gibblywibblywoo
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    I've noticed in recent months its relatively common to get a skeleton key from a chest without any boosts. I know they buffed base chances a while back but it feels super common now.

  • PustulaSerumEnjoyer
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    Yeah, that sucks.

    I've had so many 3 gen situations were the survivors escape because a key, and you can't really do much about it.

    Anyone knows when will the key changes arrive?

  • Harold_Shipman
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    The logic is sound on paper; survivors have repaired a number of generators already and it serves as a way to salvage a bad game for a couple of players at least. Problem is, 3 generators just is not at all that hard.

  • Squirrel_Thicc
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    Keys can change the entire outcome of a match in seconds. Can change an easy 3k to a 1k very fast if you don't play absolutley perfectly.

  • Onykron
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    I think they are trying to implement a system that is woven in with moris.

    Keys are like the old BNP, it pretty much removes 1 gen from the trial just by existing in it. I dont know why people act as if doint 3 to 4 gens is hard , the key simply punishes killer for completing the objective wich is kill survivors, imagine a killer offering that caused a survivor to lose 1 hook state if they repair a gen, pretty much the same thing.