Killer Suggestion: The Agent (copy from steam forums)

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A former secret agent, conscripted by The Entity. But does he truly serve, or is he just playing the role.


The Agent is almost identical to survivors in terms of size and movement. Dressed in a tactical outfit/ stealth suit.


Military Combat Knife

Power: Deception

  • When activated, survivors percieve The Agent as one of the other survivors in that match (randomly chosen). Each survivor sees The Agent differently. The Agent has no terror radius (heartbeat) while Deception is active and is immune to detection perks/ effects.
  • While Deception is active, The Agent can mimic survivor actions/ emotes with a secondary action. (Example: While next to a gen, pretend to work on it but do no repairs).
  • Survivors within 10 meters of The Agent, while Deception is active, receive the bonuses and on-screen indicator of the Leader perk (rank 3).
  • While within 10 meters of survivors, while Deception is active, a meter fills (speed affected by add-ons). Once full, The Agent can end deception and gain a bonus to movement speed, lunge distance and vault speed for 30 seconds. After the bonus ends, Deception is on cooldown for 30 seconds.


Interrogation - When a survivor is on a hook, the killer can hit them to trigger this perk (only once per hooking). Once activated it has a 50% chance of either revealing the aura of 1/ 2/ 3 other survivors for 10 seconds, or giving that survivor a stackable 30%/ 20%/ 10% to all action speeds until the end of the match.

Informant - Selects a survivor at random when the match starts (an obsession is immune to being chosen). Only the killer knows who is chosen. Any time the chosen survivor sees a revealed aura, the killer also sees that aura. As long as the chosen survivor is alive, the range of their aura-reading abilities is increased by 10%/ 25%/ 50%.

Playing Both Sides - You receive a 25%/ 50%/ 100% bonus to BP earned in the Sacrifice catagory. Whenever a survivor is hooked, that survivor recieves a stackable 10% bonus to all action speeds until the end of the match.


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    Although the killer power seems ok, there are 2 cons.

    1:  What add-ons. What would they effect?

    2: Survive with friends would completely counter this. Unless someone ran leader. People would also now be scared an cautious to be together if facing this Killer. 
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    1) Add-ons would affect the time it takes to fill the deception meter (4th bullet point). They could also add other effects. Like bonuses that trigger when you come out of it. Or maybe add (or change) perk effects other than Leader.

    2) SWF can mess with a lot of things in this game. No reason to build around that because not every game will be SWF.