The Ship Wreck and the lost treasure. (sample name do to be replaced )

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so the art i found online just to kind of give an idea of how the characters would look clothes wise.

art was found online but kind of the idea is a dead ghost pirate .

The Scallywag **
**Lore **
Captain white eye William had his treasure cursed to allow him to return from the dead for his revenge
on the person that would have opened it.
**New objective

The Map

This map would be in a old brown chest a survivor would be able to search the chest and get this map replacing any item they had once equipped they are exposed using the map they find these chest within randomized walls to get a coin worth blood points. Killer will be able to see you as long as you have this item on your survivor.

Mist /Faze/Haze **
The scallywag shifts from his real form to a mist allowing him to pass through objects and then reforming back to his normal form to then attack the survivors. Addons can make the transformation faster works with tinkers.

X marks the spot
The scallywag has power over the chests which causes them to be harder to open and also reveals that survivor as long as the chest is being searched 10/15/30 % longer to search … or chest rarity is lowered do to the scallywag's power over the chests 10/20/30% lower rarity item even possible to give damaged items.
Dead man tell no tale
Hooked survivors aura aren't revealed for 5 /10/15 seconds to the other survivors

Hex causes survivors to have a slow rate of healing saving from the hook 12/15/18 % slower until hex has been broken.

The map
Ship graveyard
Dave jones locker
It will have 5 or 6 down ships from different eras anchors(edited)

Thomas Davis **
starving performance artist

Back story
Living pay check to pay check barely able to make ends meet mostly doing pirate reenactments as the head of the queen's navy he was the only person that had the knowledge of the event and had objects he had found in different countries a saber and a very interesting chest that he couldn't open and he has tried many things to open said chest. But his health was fading do to his long hours and low pay checks he soon fell asleep on set of a reenactment and woke up and a different place without knowledge of how he got there and where he is.

When the survivor is by a survivor on the hook their time is increase the struggle time 10/15/20% longer.
When finishing a gen or healing another survivor or dropping a pallet on killer to save another survivor gives a stack to increase points gained stack up to 2/3/4 to a max of 50/75/100 % blood points gained for doing the actions.

I got you
When unhooking a survivor, you can ignore damage for one heal status until survivor is unhooked only once per game. (you can be pulled from the hook it only ignores damage from attacks not being pulled from the hook.)(edited)

Thanks to Amy for the two perk arts for this character more to come later