Something I noticed about Laurie.

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So, throughout this event, I have been in the process of P3-ing Laurie. (Because I think her face rework looks fantastic). And I have noticed something interesting about her.

She is seemingly the only character that is self aware that she is in The Entity's realm.

The description for the P3 clothing is usually just detailing it, or maybe making a joke; but not Laurie. The description for her P3 outfit has her directly speaking about being in The Entity's realm.

"It targets me alone, hunting relentlessly."

"An object of pure unadulterated obsession."

"My hope seems to feed the rage of the beast that hunts me."

Now, I have only P3'ed a handful of survivors, so I don't know if this is the only case of a survivor being self-aware or not, but I thought it was cool.