BenZ0's and Smoshy's coop tournament starting at 31th August 10am EST! (Participation Closed)

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My first tournament went pretty well and now I am planning to host already my next one in cooperation with Smoshy. This tournament will be for free without a prize pool! We want to see how well this cooperation will go and then decide to host a serious tournament with prizes. Also players who will be playing on this tournament can already qualify for the future tournament with the Prize pool and can already get used to our score system.

We are using my unique score system where me as Killer judge and Smoshy as Survivor judge will watch the gameplay and give both sides points for their actions. You guys will play normal classic Dbd gameplay 1v4 and we will rate every good, skillfull and smart play from both sides. Just play as ussual without any hold back! We also allow camping, tunneling, slugging, genrushing etc. We have a focus on good chases and reward them well, we dont want that ppl will just genrush with just 1 or 2 chases and escape. Same goes to camping for example, you will not really earn points for just proxy camping and avoiding chases. We will rate the following categories:

Mindgames 0/5 points

Teamplay (survivor) / Power usage (Killer) 0/5 points

General skill 0/5 points

Decision Making 0/5 points

also 2 points per escape for the survivors and 2 points for each Kill for the Killer.

plus extra challanges:

1 point Stay with a buddy: +1point If buddy dies then you lost the challenge and if you’re also chased away from each other.

1 point for flashy (bright or dark) or good combination. Chat+hosts votes for who is the most fashionable.

1 point Stream chat votes for favorite team. Can vote once a day for one favorite team.

Every team needs to be a full set of 4 survivors and 1 assigned Killer. If you dont have a full team yet you can still sign yourself in and if we find someone to put the person in your team we will introduce you guys to each other then so you are a full team! Keep in mind that we are not responsable for any issues or argues within random filled teams, pls get along with your random teammate regardless of what issue, we dont need drama.

The tournament will be streamed at my youtube channel ( and at her twitch! For more information join the discord server:

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