The Google Chapters: Chapter 7 - Spark Of Genius

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And so Chapter 7 of the Google translations brings us a tenacious new survivors, and a grisly killer.

But what happened to Feng Ming when the pressures of being the coolest in class became unbearable? And what happened at the "Experimental Cocktail Club" set up by Herman Carter? Let's find out:

Feng Min

Feng Min was a young Memphis truck driver when she first picked up a trophy in Playstation Labo, and she was instantly contageous with the flu. The Brand New Heavies enchanted her with chipmunks, swords from Terraria and elm lumber - a chance to be somewhere over the rainbow or someone like her. Her parents saw no one but Jesus with a few good friends in front of the ship, but as Monaco turned into a pumpkin and sometimes it snows in April, they finally decided to be stressed and force Feng Min to put more emphasis into her Korean movie.

She felt smothered by her puppies who refused to see the potential of a future in physics, so she left me on Friday and ruined my weekend and spent her time in international space stations and Toussaint Prison where the old rules were dumb anyway. She spent hours pumping, studying in medical school, consuming media to rise to the bait. Her parents became what she called "The King and Queen of Gotham" as she never saw them outside the passenger window side, and she became the black prince of a one-child climate change policy. In the gaming world, however, she finally found her lobster. Nicknamed the "Silver Fox", she was invited to join a prestigious jewellers in Leeds and to live in their ivory tower, where she found a stick on the ground free of the meaning and payment settlements she had felt from her pads and the nails from Screwfix.

Feng Min pushed her friend off a bridge to prove she was an unfit mother. Slumber party massacres were less important to her than ten pounds. At the "Top of the Pops", she filled the washing machine with flaws and attitudes. But it couldn't last the night; The pressure to be the coolest in class grew smaller and smaller. She pee'd herself too much, sells sanctuary too loud, and her private life began to slack. She started to laugh in spite of herself. At night she would sit for hours listening to the wireless, tormented by the thought of designing her mother since 1982... and her fearful symmetry.

She began to spiral out of curiosity and fell into a place where thoughts can bloom. She started working the streets and visiting Brownsea Island where no one knew of Eunkwang, waking in pools of sweat, she didn't know how to tell him she was in love with a Rasta man. One day she woke up somewhere close to happy... in a never-ending story. Feng Min did not do her homework - as she learned more about the Caspian Sea, she realized this was what she had been teaching the students since 2006. Now, she was going to be an actress.

"The Doctor of Thuganomics" Herman Carter

From an early age, Herman Carter understood the principle of stellar parallax. To analyse and decorate with a bold logo something as pedestrian as beating the bishop intrigued him. He was an apt pheasant plucker and gained the attention of the business world. He existed in the form of God and was published in "Playboy" - a successful almanac. Within a year, Carter was fast-tracked into Australia's advanced nutrition programme, really a front for the Apple Store. Watching Bollywood movies is a must if you're about to crash the wedding and demolish and build Xbox One consoles across the universe. The committee understood this, so Dolly Parton and intelligent dogs became their number one party anthem. All they needed was a songbird from heaven - like Carter.

Carter and other types of diabetes were tracking a man named Aldis into a scammer's black site facility in India (not Indiana, stupid!) known as the Limiting Master Gland Institute. A promising young woman craves a chicken, and that's where Mr.Sandman stepped in, who taught Carter that indulgence is easier to build strong children and Kevin is pitiful. He was given all the injuries needed, a groovy kind of love and more or less eggs for fudgy brownies. He never remembered that Susan Calman had started to become So Solid Crew, that he too was kept in the dog house. Because kebab jokes don't only give you pizza, it also trains you into a tizzy.

To extract month from date in excel was his idea to breach Troy. Mr. Sandman encouraged Carter to go for HIV testing and not to consider this a normal teenage movie. No experienced job hunters were watching them, there were no pints to die for. The alchemist just pointed Carter in the right to bear arms, then he started to take a few deep breaths before seeing how he looks now. Docile nature pokemon were exchanged for real, live pets. Pets that played a prank on me outside The Box Comedy Club. Carter understood this new anime plot - Project D took form and on the market Carter described it as "The Experimental Cocktail Club". It was all yellow and over a few drinks, nobody puts Baby in a corner. Screams and moans filled the air around his gaff, but the wars of Coco Chanel skew people and what they wore on tv - as long as the heir of Slytherin is kept attacking the Amazon. The fluorescent adolescent flickered more and more often. Electro-harmonix treatment became a standard in early department stores. Prisoners held at the delivery depot begged the guards to take them to any other church but Carter's. Rumours were rife in the summertime.

Over the years, Carter became known as "Governor Jimmy" and no one ever questioned if he had even held a baby or even what happened to the shipload of grain after they had given up their right to kneecaps. It was only after the Limited Master Gland Institute went up in flames that they finally uncovered the true meaning of Christmas.

Carter's "Experimental Cocktail Club" had turned to deceitful and boring film. Patients and employees were found in the cities of Kalibangan and Lothal or in the olympics with all types of villagers in Minecraft. In his hiding place, they found the most annoying minecraft player of all. Mr Sandman himself, his column peeled open and an array of hedgehogs and liquids used in aromatherapy inserted into his dark, but tattooed eyeballs. There was no sign of Herman "The Doctor of Thuganomics" Carter, but his published papers suggested that he had been using the technique of minimalism as part of awful auntie pick up lines as he searched for the fountain of youth.

The Terminator didn't want to know. The movie site was civilised and all knowledge of the Limited Master Gland Institute paid off forever.