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This is my first time trying something like this. Let me know what you think, I'd love some feedback to further refine this idea (even if there's no chance of this ever happening). Also, a quick warning; I'm not very good at Dead by Daylight, so I've not gone into the specifics of numbers or percentages for the most part. I apologize if any of this seems over or underpowered.

I should also mention that this is my first time posting on the forum, so I hope I've done everything right.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is one of my personal favourite horror games, even if it hasn't aged too well, so I wanted to come up with a concept to have it cross over with the Smash Bros of horror we all know and love.

Without further ado...

Dead by Daylight- Eternal Darkness Chapter Concept

New Killer- The Zealot

Pious Augustus as The Zealot:

A devout killer, able to alter their abilities based on the Ancient he worships. His personal perks Eternal Darkness, Duplicitous Tactician and Servant of the Ancients allow him to follow and hinder survivors more effectively.


Once a respected tactician in the Roman Empire, Pious Augustus’ fate would change forever once he found a sealed chamber containing three artifacts, each representing an ancient entity; Chattur’gha, Ulyaoth and Xel’lotath. Upon claiming one of these artifacts, Pious would be transformed into the Liche, a being of immense magical power. His one goal became to unleash his new patron upon the world to usher in it's rule.

Over the many centuries he spent enacting his plans, he would be challenged by a multitude of people, each wielding the Tome of Eternal Darkness; an ancient book bound in skin that contained the secrets of Magick. Despite their efforts, Pious’ plans would procede. This was, until Alexandra Roivas became the holder of the Tome.

With the knowledge passed down from generations of people, Alexandra would thwart Pious’ plan, sealing his patron and killing the immortal man. However, as the magick keeping him alive drained from his body, Pious became surrounded by a thick fog.

Awakening in a strange new world, surrounded by the artifacts of the three Ancients, Pious knew what must be done. Succeed at the trials presented to him to regain the favor of his patron, and take revenge on the Roivas lineage.

Little does Pious know that his patron has long since abandoned him, now impersonated by a far more insidious Entity to ensure the cooperation of the once great tactician.

Weapon- Gladius:

An ancient weapon that has seen many wielders, now back in the hands of its original owner.

Power- Runic Magick:

A capable sorcerer, further empowered by his patron. Face him, and you will surely perish.

At the beginning of the trial, three pillars spawn alongside The Zealot, each holding the artifact of a different Ancient; Chattur’gha, Ulyaoth, and Xel’lotath respectively. The Zealot must select one of these artifacts before gaining access to their ability, Runic Magick. Once an artifact has been selected, the two remaining artifacts disappear from the trial.

Depending on the Artifact selected, The Zealot’s abilities take on the colour of the selected Artifact, as well as gaining additional effects.

The Zealot has a special meter above his abilities known as the Magick Meter. Each of his abilities drain energy from his Magick meter, with higher tier spells draining more energy. The Zealot’s spells become unusable if he does not have enough magick remaining.

The Zealot regains magick slowly over time, but can also gain a burst of magick from downing a survivor. Additionally, whenever a survivor is sacrificed, The Zealot is rewarded with their magick being fully recharged.

Special Ability- Reveal Invisible

Press and hold the Power Button to channel the magick Spell Reveal Invisible. While channeling the spell, The Zealot suffers from a significant decrease in movement speed.

Upon completion of the spell, a wave of magick radiates from The Zealot. As this wave expands, scratch marks are highlighted, in addition to fading scratch marks being restored. Objects that survivors have recently interacted with are also highlighted by the wave. Any survivors caught in the wave while interacting with objects have their auras revealed for a short duration. Additionally, survivors caught in the magick wave suffer different effects depending on the artifact chosen at the beginning of the trial.

Chattur’gha causes survivors hit by the wave to suffer from decreased vitality, inflicting them with the Hindered status effect for a short amount of time.

Ulyaoth hinders the survivor’s senses, causing them to suffer from the Oblivious status effect for a short amount of time.

Xel’lotath attacks the survivor’s mind directly, causing them to hear an illusory terror radius for a short time.

This ability has three tiers, depending on the time taken to channel it. Each tier increased the maximum range of the magick wave, as well as the duration of the Artifact's effects.

Special Ability- Damage Field

Press and hold the Power button while aiming at an interactable object to channel the Magick Spell Damage Field. While channeling this spell, The Zealot can’t move or look away from the targeted object. The Zealot can only have three instances of Damage Field active at a time.

Upon completion, the target object is enveloped in a barrier of magick energy, visible only to The Zealot or survivors who can see the auras of the affected object. Upon interacting with the object, survivors scream, revealing themselves to The Zealot. This ability has an additional effect depending on The Zealot’s chosen artifact.

Chattur’gha amplifies the pain caused by the spell, causing effected survivors to suffer from the Haemorrhage status effect for a short amount of time.

Ulyaoth hinders the survivor’s ability to read auras, inflicting them with the Blindness effect for a short amount of time.

Xel’lotath causes the survivor to lose focus. Their next skill check is guaranteed to be a difficult check.

Unlike The Zealot’s other spells, this spell only has one tier.

Special Ability- Dispel Magick

Press the Power button while looking at an object under the effects of Damage Field to dispel the field, regaining a portion of the magick spent to create it, as well as gaining a boon depending on your chosen artifact.

Chattur’gha imbues you with newfound vitality, slightly increasing your movement speed for a short duration.

Ulyaoth grants you an increased connection to magick, reducing the time it takes to channel your next spell.

Xel’lotath helps you to focus, granting you visual notifications for crows, opening/closing lockers and opening chests in a small radius for a short amount of time.

This ability can either be tapped for basic benefits or channeled to provide a greater refund of magick and increased durations for the artifact effects. This ability will never refund the full magick cost of a dispelled field.


Eternal Darkness

Your machinations have been in effect for centuries; any mistakes only make the inevitable arrive sooner.

Whenever a Survivor in the injured state fails a skill check, you gain one token. After you gain 5 tokens, the next generator you damage will be locked by the entity for a moderate duration. Should you gain 10 tokens, the next generator you damage will be locked for a moderate duration and will lose additional progress over this time.

Duplicitous Tactician

A history of insidious plans and deception have prepared you to take advantage of any weaknesses your adversaries show.

Gain a bonus to movement speed when a survivor in a chase drops a pallet without stunning you. This bonus persists until five seconds after the end of the chase. You can only gain movement speed in this way once per chase.

If a survivor fails to stun you with a pallet while this perk is active, the pallet will automatically break. This effect can only occur once per chase.

Servant of the Ancients

Your patrons dislike those who meddle with their plan and are eager to help you get revenge. You must beware their wrath, should you fail.

Survivors who unhook another survivor while within your sight suffer from the Hindered and Exposed status effect for a short duration. If they are not damaged within this time, they gain the effects of the Haste status effect for a short duration.



Scrawled Rune- Slightly decreases the cast time of all abilities.

Carving of Chattur’gha- Slightly decreases the magick cost of all abilities.

Carving of Ulyaoth- Slightly increases your total magick.

Carving of Xel’lotath- Slightly increases your magick regeneration rate.


Effigy of Chattur’gha- Moderately decreases the magick cost of all abilities.

Effigy of Ulyaoth- Moderately increases your total magick.

Effigy of Xel’lotath- Moderately increases your magick regeneration rate.

Fractured Scutum- Increases your maximum active Damage Fields by 1.

Battlefield Map- Until one survivor is sacrificed, all survivors see your abilities as being aligned with a different artifact than the one you choose (Chattur’gha > Ulyaoth, Ulyaoth > Xel’lotath, Xel’lotath > Chattur’gha).


Tattered Page- Moderately decreases the cast time of all abilities.

Faint Whispers- After choosing an artifact, the two you didn’t align with remain. Allows you to change your allegiance during the trail a total of one time.

Preserved Scutum- Increases your maximum active Damage Fields by 2.

Battle Plans- Until two survivors are sacrificed, all survivors see your abilities as being aligned with a different artifact than the one you choose (Chattur’gha > Ulyaoth, Ulyaoth > Xel’lotath, Xel’lotath > Chattur’gha).

Effigy of Mantorok- Moderately increases the magick gained from downing a survivor.

Very Rare:

Spell Scroll- Significantly decreases the cast time of all abilities.

Artifact of Chattur’gha- Significantly decreases the magick cost of all abilities.

Artifact of Ulyaoth- Significantly increases your total magick.

Artifact of Xel’lotath- Significantly increases your magick regeneration rate.

Ultra Rare:

Artifact of Mantorok- Significantly increases the magick gained from downing a survivor. Successfully sacrificing a survivor now both refills your magick and grants you a brief period of unlimited magick.

Clear Whispers- After choosing an artifact, the two you didn’t align with remain. Allows you to change your allegiance at any point during the trial.

Memento Mori:

The Zealot slowly walks towards the downed survivor, chanting the spell Magick Attack. A ring of runes surrounds the survivor, one appearing for each word the killer speaks, before a flash of light engulfs them, leaving nothing but a charred corpse.

New Survivor- Alexandra Roivas:

The last known holder of the Tome of Eternal Darkness, Alexandra Roivas took up the task of thwarting Pious Augustus’ plan after her grandfather, Edward Roivas, failed to do so. Through the Tome, she was able to gain the knowledge of its previous holders, allowing her to solve the mystery surrounding Edward’s death, and eventually leading to Pious’ downfall.

Despite her victory over the Liche, her journeys into the occult were not over. A thick fog engulfed her, and she awoke in a strange new world, armed with nothing but her experience. Now facing horrors unlike anything she had previously seen, alongside the man she fought to vanquish, Alexandra will need to keep her wits about her, lest she fall to the eternal darkness of the Entity’s trials.

Alexandra’s personal perks Sanity’s Requiem, Occultist and Holder of the Tome help her shrug off negative effects and turn the killer’s boons against them.


Sanity’s Requiem

Your experiences with the supernatural make you more resilient to mental trauma.

The Blindness, Hearing and Oblivious status effects have decreased durations on you while you are in the healthy state. If these effects are caused by an attack, you will still benefit from the decreased durations, so long as you were in the healthy state before being hit.


Your knowledge of the occult allows you to turn harmful hexes into potent boons.

Whenever you cleanse a dull totem, it becomes a Boon Totem. Survivors near to this Boon Totem gain a small bonus to interaction speed. Cleansing a hex totem will convert it into an Empowered Boon Totem, granting a greater bonus to interaction speed, as well as a small bonus to movement speed while within its radius.

Killers can interact with Boon Totems to destroy them, turning it back to a dull totem. Once a totem has been destroyed in this way, it can not be remade into a Boon Totem, outside of intervention from other perks or abilities.

Holder of the Tome

You are the holder of the Tome of Eternal Darkness; one of many in a long line of souls who dedicate themselves to preventing the return of the Ancients. The Tome grants great power to it’s wielder, provided you have the will to claim it.

Allows the Tome of Eternal Darkness to spawn as an item in the trial. Only one can spawn per trial. It can be found in any chest, with an increased chance to spawn in the Basement.

Decreases the movement speed penalty when channeling the Tome, and increases the durability of the Tome.

New Item- Tome of Eternal Darkness

An ancient book bound in human skin. It is fated to be found by those with the will to resist the Ancients and is the primary tool for facing them. While it has been weakened by the transition into the Entity’s realm, it still provides great boons to those who manage to claim it.

The Tome of Eternal Darkness is an item that can only be found through the use of the perk Holder of the Tome. Only one can spawn per trial, with an increased chance of it spawning in the basement.

While any survivor can claim the Tome, picking it up without the perk Holder of the Tome will result in the survivor needing to pass a difficult skill check, being unable to pick up the Tome on a fail, and being unable to retry for 15 seconds. Once the Tome has been removed from the chest it was found in, any survivor can pick it up should it be dropped, without incurring a skill check.

The Tome must be channeled in order to gain it’s benefits, which incurs a movement speed penalty to the survivor. It takes a short amount of time for the Tome's power to come into effect. During this time, the movement speed penalty is applied, but the Tome's protective abilities are not.

Once the Tome has been charged, it casts a protective spell around it’s wielder, surrounding them in a shell of purple magick (or the opposing colour to The Zealot's chosen artifact, if you are going up against The Zealot), providing a number of benefits. This shell lasts for as long as the Tome is channeled, however, this does slowly take away from the Tome's durability.

While channeling the Tome, the survivor’s aura is hidden from the killer. Additionally, if the survivor would be damaged while channeling the Tome, the attack is blocked and the killer is temporarily stunned, at the cost of a large amount of the Tome’s durability. Once the Tome is used in this way, it can not be channeled again for 30 seconds.

Legendary Skin- Edward Roivas

Alexandra’s grandfather finds life once more within the realm of the Entity, restored to living flesh, only to suffer horrors unlike the ones he has faced in the past.

New Map- Roivas Mansion

The Entity has brought a location familiar to the Roivas family into it’s realm, corrupting it with it’s eldritch presence. The Roivas Mansion, alongside it’s many secrets, is now nothing more than a battleground where survivors must fight for their lives against horrific monsters. An all too familiar situation to Alexandra.


  • HealsBadMan
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    Writing this as I read through your concept:

    I like the power but I feel like one selecting 1 artifact at the start hinders the potential. Perhaps there's a way for the Zealot to switch between artifacts depending on the situation? There's some potential for combos/differing playstyles with this, similar to old Doctor's switch stance abilites or Plague's Vile/Corrupt Purge. IMO the Whispers addons should be basekit and perhaps changed to affect how quickly you can change between Artifacts.

    Mori sounds really cool! A Killer using actual magic, not twisted dark powers like others, would be a great addition to the game.

    Perks are original, which is nice. For Eternal Darkness however, be more clear on how exactly the increased tokens will benefit individually. Sanity's Requiem sounds like a weaker version of Vigil, which is already kind of a joke perk; I would make it stronger (shorten duration of status effects even more) or have a new effect like lessening the effectiveness of status effects. The Tome seems like a cool item, but needs some more info to see how long/how many times it can be used.

    Overall not a bad job for your first concept! I like the lore the most, we could always use more diversity in Killer backstories in DBD. I hope you get better at and enjoy the game more!

  • Cherpmoid
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    Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

    In terms of the power and only getting one outside of add-ons, that was based on Pious' level in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, where you must choose one of the artifacts. This determines which Ancient Pious tries to summon throughout the game. Maybe in DbD, the artifacts could respawn after a set time, with the Whispers add-ons reducing the time in takes for them to respawn?

    I'm glad you like the Mori! I wanted The Zealot to use as many spells from the original game as possible, so I figured, why not make the only spell used for purely offense as his method of killing?

    I wasn't originally intending for individual tokens to grant a bonus for Eternal Darkness, but maybe they could provide a small bonus to the speed at which the killer damages Generators?

  • Cherpmoid
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    (I had much more written out, but it seems to have been lost... Fantastic. I'll try to remember what I wrote.)

    Alternatively, maybe each token could add on the the duration of the generator lock, as this would ensure that every token you gather has a purpose.

    I'm glad you like the Mori! I wanted to incorporate as many spells from the game as I reasonably could, so I figured, why not use one for his Mori?

    I didn't even realise Vigil was a perk. To improve Sanity's Requiem, maybe the decreased durations could become permanent, with the bonus effect of being immune to those statuses while you're healthy? If that's a bit much, maybe being afflicted with any of those statuses while healthy could trigger a skill check which, if passed, would nullify the status and make you immune to it for a short duration?

    There was one thing I forgot to mention about the Tome; it would be unable to shield a survivor from attacks if it is under 20% durability. When the Tome is used to take a hit, it would lose about 50% of it's base durability, meaning that a base Tome could be used to tank 2 hits if times well. With the perk however, getting two shields from it would become much easier, and a skilled enough survivor may be able to use a max rank Tome to take a total of 3 hits. I did also play around with the idea of being able to recharge the Tome by cleansing totems, but I decided against it as it seemed a bit too strong to have a rechargeable shield.

    Once again, thank you for the feedback and criticism! I appreciate how constructive your response was, I feel more confident in this concept as a whole now that I've had a second opinion.

  • WraithMaster07b_e2
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    Brilliant concept. It could be like a collab between BHVR & Nintendo.

  • Sabrewing
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    edited November 2022

    When Behaviour first announced the Switch port of DBD, I was praying that they would sweeten the deal, or at least make up for the weaker graphics, with an Eternal Darkness-based killer and survivor for the platform. Given how Nintendo has been allowing their more niche IPs on multiple platforms lately (Wonderful 101 Remastered, and they own a stake in Fatal Frame since the 4th installment), I still think it would behoove them to pursue an agreement.