Cenobite DC from the host as killer.

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People report a dc from the host as a survivor when playing against the cenobite, but i played a match of killer (as the Cenobite) and i also got a dc from the host.

Do i need to share a clip?

Edit: I think i stop playing him until this is fixed, it happend again.

Both games crashed when i was hooking a survivor.

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  • TripleSteal
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    I've seen it twice out of 4 games against cenobite.

  • Milo
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    Out of 3 that I played AS Pinhead, I dc'ed all 3 times.

    EDIT: Interesingly, I still get to keep my bloodpoints and rift progression. Grades however not.

  • WalterBlack
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    I think this is related to the Lament Configuration or Chain Hunts, I activated the Lament Configuration as Pinhead two matches in a row and both times I crashed. Other times I could activate it and not crash.

  • WalterBlack
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    Expanding on this, in my last match, the Chain Hunt had been going for approx. 1 minute before my game crashed.

  • BigDickCheney
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    I have not been able to finish a game as Pinhead yet due to getting "Disconnected from host." I also am playing on x box series x and have fiber internet. Fix this crap if you're going to charge ppl money for this.

  • Mouth0fMadness
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    I've also gotten this twice out of five games so far, first time was when I was attempting to hook a yui it got stuck in repeating the hook animation til it DC'd me, and then a second time when I was trying to pick up a downed Nancy in the corner of Haddonfield between a bush and a fence. That one also had me stuck in an animation before it DC'd me.

  • GamerEzra
    GamerEzra Member Posts: 941

    I got DC'd twice when i was attempting to hook a survivor, also got stuck in a bugging animation until DC.

  • NekroG
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    almost every match as cenobite i get disconnected mid game

  • LapisInfernalis
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    I just got DC'ed as Cenobite after hooking someone and going for another survivor.

  • glitchboi
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    Just had it happen to me while playing Pinhead, there was no reason on why it happened, it just did it out of nowhere.

  • Ronatri
    Ronatri Member Posts: 3

    I've played 3 times as the Cenobyte and got DC'ed 2 out 3.

    At least for me, I got DC'ed when try to damage a Generator from the front. In my third match, I avoided this and just damaged them from the sides (thin side) and finally could end a game.

  • I've played more than 5 matches with Cenobyte and about 4 of them dc and 1 of which I depip and matchmaking got suspended even though I was still playing.

  • Ronatri
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    If I use Summons of Pain on an already hooked survivor, I get Dc'd too.

  • Compre a Pinhead y su Skin de Dientes expuestos, ya han sido 4 veces que me saca de la partida.

  • Ronatri
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    Closing the Hatch gets me DC'd too. This is a nightmare LMFAO.

  • badsas85
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    also happens from a survivor perspective.

    two matches i was sitting on the last generator and couldn’t finish it. the bar was full but it couldn’t be completed. chain hunt starts but spawns no chains and then the game crashes and it looks like the killer did Dc.

    first time i thought it was on purpose, but after 4 matches that got disconnected, i know it’s a problem with the new chapter!

  • drosKimo
    drosKimo Member Posts: 2

    Same. 2 times in a row i've been DC'd right before i close the hatch or pick up last survivor. Bruh, i just wanted to have that Adept achivement, what a mess :/

  • Gamedozer7
    Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,649

    I've dc 3 times in a row on ps5. The last 2 they were doing the box. It really suck especially because I have to wait like 10 minutes to get into a match then I dc half way through

  • Lucian
    Lucian Member Posts: 51

    Two survivors dead, as chain hunt timer ticked down everything was fine. Once chain hunt initiated = kicked to 'Disconnected from Host'

  • ReviloDBD
    ReviloDBD Member Posts: 576

    I've had it happen to me EVERY single time there is only 1 survivor left.

    When I land an attack on the final survivor I get "DC from host"

  • khamzah72
    khamzah72 Member Posts: 2

    Agreed, literally the game with the new killer is pretty much unplayable, thanks devs.

  • KillerKirby
    KillerKirby Member Posts: 79

    I noticed this problem as well and it always happen when I am mid power use. It lets me teleport to a location then it freezes before I can use the chains. I tried 4 games and all 4 games has the same problem.