Perk Ideas #2

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Dying Breath: You have been in so many dire situations that you know how to handle most situations. When in dying state, you'll bleed out 25/35/45% slower with groans of pain being reduced by 25/50/75%.

“If you panic, they'll know where you are.”

Last Moments: Your last moments are the most important as everything flashes before you eyes. When your struggle phase timer expires, you'll receive a skill check every 3 seconds to continue struggling. Every time you succeed the skill check, the next skill check while on the hook will be decreased by 25/20/15%. Failing the skill check will immediately result in you going to the third phase of sacrifice.

“I will miss y’all…”

Repair Experience: Experience has taught you how to repair effectively and quickly. Great success zones for repairs will be increased by 4/8/12% for every generator completed.

"Let's see what I can do!"