Spooktober Charity Tournament! Signs Up Close in ONE WEEK!

Suniiva Member Posts: 6

My streamer friends and I have created a Spooktober DBD Charity Tournament! The tournament will take place on 10/15-10/16 starting at 6:00pm PST both days.

To make games more fun we will be allowing viewers to play tricks or treats on anyone streaming! Tricks either make your match slightly harder to win or give you a small challenge that you must complete during a match (ex: moonwalk for 1 minute, all pallets you run through you must drop, etc.). Treats are actions that can either give you a slight advantage during your match or give you the ability to bring in a special item (ex: the ability to choose your map, being able to bring in a banned item, etc.).

We are also setting up a tiltify page to collect donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Anyone that decides to donate through our tiltify will be entered into a raffle and potentially win a gift bundle! This gift bundle includes 1 Michael Myers Funko Pop, 4 original killer stickers, 1 med-kit lunch box, and a few more unique items.

If you're interested in joining the tournament please fill out the form linked below. The form closes in ONE WEEK! You can sign up as a full team (4 survivors and 1 killer) or solo! This tournament is really just to have fun, celebrate Halloween safely, and support a charity. We accept all playstyles and all players. We hope to see you in the fog :) https://forms.gle/Kj9HzxtMVbPedjwv8