What do you do when you see an afk player?

C3Tooth Member Posts: 8,263

Either playing as Survivor or Killer, seeing an afk Survivor or Killer.



  • chargernick85
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    I see this often with my LP and I go directly to them to apply pressure to the rest or I stare at them if I'm mike/ghostface.

  • th3
    th3 Member Posts: 1,810

    If the killer is afk I make sure to do the totems, who knows. If a survivor is afk I get ready for the killer to abuse that fact and either tunnel them out or slug.

  • Kaitsja
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    As killer, I carry the survivor around on my shoulder with Starstruck just for a bit of fun. As survivor, if the killer is afk I do totems because they might have noed.

  • Lx_malice
    Lx_malice Member Posts: 1,417

    Usually I'll smack em once and leave em until they gather crows and start annoying me. Once that happens they usually aren't coming back anyways.

  • ShinobuSK
    ShinobuSK Member Posts: 5,279

    I just kill them or accept that we are gonna lose, depends on which role I am playing

  • Sleem
    Sleem Member Posts: 179

    Other POV: The killer attacks 3 survivors teabagging in front of them when the 4th cleanses haunted ground.

  • Dwigtht
    Dwigtht Member Posts: 462

    As a killer, I am gonna hook the AFK survivor -- ez BBQ stack, why not

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
    JawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 3,358

    Killers should be encouraged to capitalise on survivor mistakes. That includes being punished for not timing their bathroom break correctly. They need to at least be hit. If they are still there after my first down, hook them to avoid the constant notifications.

  • Marik13
    Marik13 Member Posts: 683

    As killer, I mean do my job and kill them. Straight to the hook they go. However I do show mercy in those games where I won't tunnel or camp. I'll actually purposefully ignore someone if after I just hooked them and stumble in to them randomly in an open area after the unhook. Then usually I end up giving hatch to the last remaining survivor if it comes down to that. Least I can do since it's kinda sh***y that they got automatically handicapped and put in to a 3v1 game right out the gate.

  • ChiSoxFan11
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    As killer, I'll smack an AFK player and move along. If said AFK player stays that way long enough to get crows, the next time I end up next to them I'll hook them so as to not listen to the sound notifications. If they end up getting to crows stage again after the inevitable unhook, then that's plenty of leeway I've given them, and out of the match they go. I'll usually give hatch/door to someone if I know they've had to deal with a 3 v. 1 the whole match.

    As survivor, if the killer is AFK, then it's do the gens and leave. I'll look for totems to try and avoid the depip, but once it's time to go, I go -- I've seen the AFK/NOED/Blood Warden play before, and I have no desire to lose because someone had to taunt an "AFK" killer. If they truly were AFK, then there's no reason to prolong the match -- I move on to the next game ASAP.

  • edgarpoop
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    I'll give the survivor a chance until crows spawn. They're going on the hook once I start getting noise notifications

  • PsyQuil77
    PsyQuil77 Member Posts: 130

    I smack them at 1 crow, hook at 3 crows, if I'm playing killer.

    If killer is AFK, I do the closest gen to that killer. Although it did backfire on me the other day. Killer was pretending to afk, 3 gens down and still standing still. I go to do the gen in front of him and THEN he comes out to tunnel and face camp me while beating me on hook. At last second after last gen done, a Bill Dead Hards the Nemi swing, saves me with BT, I body block for him, then the rest of the team blocks for me all the way to the gate that was only 20m from the hook. He EARNED that 0k. AFK killer strat doesn't work on McMillan.

  • Kurri
    Kurri Member Posts: 1,599

    Just put em on the hook and move on. Give last survivor hatch, unless the last survivor wasn't contributing to the team and just waiting/hiding for hatch.

  • csandman1977
    csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,358

    I leave them alone until the stillness crows keep blowing up. Then i hook them. I try to give them a chance but the constant explosions hinder me

  • Aurelle
    Aurelle Member Posts: 3,611

    As killer, if a survivor is AFK and gets idle crows I'll down and hook them so I don't have to listen to the noise notifications. If they get unhooked, I give them a second chance but if the idle crows come back, back on the hook they go.

    As survivor, If the killer is AFK I just cleanse totems, search chests, and then do gens.

  • TicTac
    TicTac Member Posts: 2,395

    As killer i hook them and if they dont come back, i slug them. If they get crows after that, i kill them.

    As survivor im doing gens. If only one or two gens are left, i search for totems.

  • LordRegal
    LordRegal Member Posts: 1,547

    As killer I ignore them until they get crows. Then I down and hook them to stop the explosions. If they get off the hook, repeat.

    As survivor it's just get the gens done and get out, no point in staying in a game without the other side.

  • Hex_Llama
    Hex_Llama Member Posts: 1,789

    As killer, I hook them once and then don't purposely look for them again until they get crows.

    As survivor, I try to find the totems and make sure I'm far from the killer when the last gen pops, just in case.

  • glitchboi
    glitchboi Member Posts: 5,997

    When I play killer, I just leave them be. If they've got crows I'll likely hook them.

    When I play survivor, I hope to god they come back.

    Moral of the story is, people make mistakes, I guess.

  • Orion
    Orion Member Posts: 21,675

    As killer, down them and walk away. There was an old bug where survivors couldn't move and that's the only thing that fixed it, so it's basically automatic at this point.

    As survivor, sigh and move away.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,960

    I'll hit them once, then leave. It's for 2 reasons:

    1. In the past, if they go afk to derank for easier matches, I'll leave them and waste their time and force them either to: a) be hooked at the end of the match, b) join in out of sheer boredom and, if they deliberately try to kill themselves on me, I'll floor them and leave them, and finally c) disconnect and take the penalty. Either way, I have no time for those players and punish them accordingly.

    2. There are some afk players who genuinely were either coming back from the toilet, just made a tea or finishing a message. I'll hit them once to basically let them know we're playing, but then they can go get healed and carry on. I don't want them to lose out on not being ready. Also, makes a victory feel so much more deserved.

  • GannTM
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    I’m sorry I’m very focused on the two characters in this art 😍

  • bm33
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    As survivor? I ignore them and hope killer focuses on just getting them out of the game.

    As killer it depends. Most times I use them to let other survivors farm unhooks/heals, I play killer mostly for easy BP and farming is quick and easy without stress of trying to actually get kills/hooks. I've used them for tome challenges like hitting survivor from x meters away with hatchet. If I have a sacrifice challenge I just quickly sacrifice them and move on to playing rest of match.

  • ThiccBudhha
    ThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,988

    I get my free hook and then leave them alone unless the crows activate. During a challenge, I tunneled that sucker out, but I am a different person when going for challenges.

  • enormous_bruh_moment

    Same thing you do vs anyone else who sandbags their team:

    1. Hook/tunnel them immediately as punishment for screwing over their team.
    2. Try to at least let the last survivor get hatch.
    3. If the remaining 3 survivors are really not doing well, I might let them all escape after I get them on death hook.

    When you que, you making an unspoken agreement to be a loyal teammate and engage in good sportsmanship. Going AFK is such a huge advantage to the killer, it's as if I got 3 hooks and a kill on 1 survivor at the start of the game, you've essentially thrown the game for your team; it's not fair, and they deserve better than that.

  • Jasix
    Jasix Member Posts: 1,245

    If I am playing survivor - I get as far away from them as possible.

    If I am killer - I hook them.

    I am not going to protect an afk survivor as a fellow survivor and I am not going to let them just stand there as killer. If you aren't ready - then don't hit that ready button.

  • [Deleted User]

    I tear their soul apart!

  • RainbowPatooie
    RainbowPatooie Member Posts: 322

    Depends. Usually I'll hook them, or down them and leave them on the ground.

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    As killer I ll slug them, i ll take advantage yet give the survivors a free chance at earning some heal points. As survivor, not my problem if they're afk, not much you can do, can't say ive ever seen it much.

  • Artemisha
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    edited September 2021

    As a surv, the little times I've been afk I've encountered myself on hook. I find it quite rude and disgusting. Can understand a slug, but why killers need to take so much advantage of that circunstance... At the end, it's time that the surv is doing nothing, so a 3 vs 1 situation.

    And the summun of bad manners is when after hook an afk, killer deliberately tunnel that guy. I just can't stand that -100 sportmanship.

    If killer is afk, go blindbhim. In case I don't have a flashlight, look for it in chests. Also, search for totems (noed).

  • Boss
    Boss Member Posts: 13,614

    Kill them as Killer, keep playing as Survivor.

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 10,227

    I ignore them as a Survivor, and kill them as Killer.

    I know they can be dealing with a bug or replying to a random message on Discord, but I simply cannot resist those free points. And that isn't DBD-exclusive. Back in the days of CS:GO, I had the self-proclaimed title of "AFK Hunter".

  • FancyMrB
    FancyMrB Member Posts: 1,250

    I give them until the crows start popping off and then its on the hook they go. I can't play well with the constant noise notification ^^"

  • Shaped
    Shaped Member Posts: 5,869

    Whatever I feel like.

    As a killer I either leave them be for awhile, down them or down and hook them.

    As a survivor I say gg but try my best and sometimes it works.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,804

    If I'm survivor and they are afk for atleast more then 2 minutes I just give up and go on to the next one

  • skyguys
    skyguys Member Posts: 67

    As killer, I slug them. As survivor, I run around them in circles until one crow appears above them

  • C3Tooth
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    edited September 2021

    As survivor, seeing afk survivor would just accept my fate and earn as much as BP as I can. Afk killer I would do a Gen then hunt totem, chest and try to claim open a gate.

    As killer, seeing afk survivor, I will just farm with other 3. Of course not obvious farming. Just slash them alot, double hook and let them escape.

  • Szakally
    Szakally Member Posts: 56

    As survivor, if my teammate is AFK, I'm just going kill myself or go AFK too.

  • Kalinikta
    Kalinikta Member Posts: 709

    Hook them as a killer, sorry but that constant notification spam is incredibly annoying.

    As a survivor, do gens and any totem I see.

  • C3Tooth
    C3Tooth Member Posts: 8,263

    Killer is afk, hes not present in game to know hes getting blinded. Blind killer is the best way to earn BP. As Survivors' BP is low. How is that toxic especially hes afk?

  • lordfart
    lordfart Member Posts: 538

    I just down them and put them on my shoulder and chase others until they start wiggling. If I can down another survivor while the one on my shoulder is AFK I have guaranteed myself half the team is not on gens

  • lordfart
    lordfart Member Posts: 538

    Idk about treating them as if they are purposefully sabotaging the game. I've had 2 occasions of going AFK mid match for too long. Once after loading in I coughed and diarrhea'd my entire dinner into my pants, no WAY was I gonna play out a match while sitting in my own filth lol obviously I left to clean myself up. The other time my controller died and couldn't find my replacement batteries, ended up having to quickly drive to the 7/11 next to my house to get new ones. I came back and was surprisingly still alive but had been hooked once haha

  • TeabaggingGhostface
    TeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 3,108

    Free bbq stacks

  • Marigoria
    Marigoria Member Posts: 6,090

    IMO the only acceptable answer here.

    If someone is AFK they're just screwing the rest of the team and they dont deserve mercy.

    I've also had a legion capitalize on this before, and use them for frenzy information. Ridiculous.

  • Brisingr
    Brisingr Member Posts: 104

    Bunch of weak killer players in here. Having a survivor out of the game is already easier for me, so I leave that player alone to kill later.

    I'll probably hook them if they're gone long enough to get a bunch of crows, though.

  • Artemisha
    Artemisha Member Posts: 401

    U are assumimg various things I didn't say. When someone is afk (specially at beginning), most of the times is a short delay due to door bell, phone call, bathroom, etc. That afk guy will come back in a short while. This game has not a pause bottom. U say people "decide go afk", and u can't be more wrong. There are circunstances in real life that can force u pause a game.

    Second thing. How I'm being toxic blinding an afk player. Are u out of your mind? I am just practising beamer, not working on my main objective, and blinding a person is not playing.

    Ans third, what u do as killer is up yo you. But a bit "fairplay" won't be so dramatic for u. Courtessy and sportmanship is appreciated in games and in life. When I played football in a local league and the other team is not complete, you had the chance to start a 5 vs 4, or giving them some courtessy minutes. And of course we expected them for some minutes and they did the same to us.

    We could have gone full tryhard and get big advantage that could condition the final result. But..... Would have we won because we were better or for taking advantage of a circunstance? I don't want that kind of "victories".

    And finally, if u are playing against an afk, u already are on advantage. U are playing 3 vs 1 actually. Don't be so sweaty tryhard.