What do you do when you see an afk player?



  • Trickstar
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    AFK survivor in my killer game? You're hooked. AFK killer in my survivor game? Depends. If you're playing as Tricky I'd probably die

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  • aylawell
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    As killer ill knock them down and let the survivors farm points healing them.. works every time since everyone knows the match is thrown from the gate.. a match with an afk t re am member isn't a real match and I never treat it as such. As survivor I just get as many points as I can but always stand in front of the killer for a couple mins taking screens hots and whatnot, on the off chance they come back... everyone likes points after all right? I'll die willingly in a situation like this cause as before.. its not a real match.

  • bm33
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    It seems like quite a few think it's some plan to sabotage the game when really it's just random things taking you away from the game either before you even load into a match or mid-match.

    There was a time I was afk as survivor for a match. I had left the room while on the survivor lobby screen, I had left my controller on my couch and I guess my dog had hit the ready button when she walked over and laid down in my spot. When I came back in the room an Oni was carrying me out the exit, letting teammates farm points to pick me up and then hitting me out the door. I don't know how it happened but I gained a pip and got decent BP for not having played that match. Oni definitely could've, and should've, killed me for the points but it was nice of him to make the effort to force me out.

    I've had plenty of times where before a match starts I think I have plenty of time to take my dog out and by time she's gone to the bathroom and I get her back in I'm already on a hook in a match or standing under a hook with crows because I was hooked atleast once already.

  • Artemisha
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    I think is your logic which flaws. Let´s see where:

     1) "Flashlight an afk killer is as toxic as hook an afk survivor". Error. Flashlight a killer has nothing to do with primary win condition objectives. Besides that, killer can´t be annoyed by something he can´t know if has happened. Hooking afk guy it´s advantage in game, and on diff with flashlight, hook afk surv can appreciate he has been hooked (there is a hook counter on HUD).

    2) As u mention, I can´t know if rivals will give me back courtessy if I play nice. Thats correct. There is no way to know before trying. The point is, do you think courtessy is important in game. Personally I do. And I play nice with my teammates and the killer. I absolutely not go gen rush against a killer that is avoiding tunnel proxy camp strat or play suboptimally. Many times I just run around doing secondary things other than gens, and many times I´ve kept looping on EGC just to give a sacrifice to the killer. I always try Boop the Snoot; some people is nice, other ones take advantage and take 2 free hits and a hook.

    3) "But you don't get that if that person returns it's back to a 4v1" (I get it; and thats how the game should be at the beggining; idk why could u be pissed off for playing a 4 vs 1 game, when thats what u are supposed to do. Another contradiction).

  • babydemoboi
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    have you ever seen the bots or something just stand there and swing their weapon? i love to get hit 50,000 times

  • Kurri
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    Killer; Hook them. Play normally. Give hatch if the survivors are not toxic.

    Survivor; Play normally? I am probably going to die, but I can at least ensure a black pip.

  • MeltingPenguins
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    As survivor: If it's the killer, I'll cleanse totems. The afk might be genuine, but there's a lot of fake afk douchecanoes out there. If it's other survivors: hope for the best and that the killer has mercy on them.

    As killer I leave them alone. They already won't get any points and as someone who HAS HAD pets bring down the curtainrods and bookshelves, I am not going to assume they don't have a good reason to be afk. Also, if the other survivors realize I won't take the afk kill I try to get the afk survivor through the exit with their help (yes, this means I try to have at least one other person alive)

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    If I’m survivor? I boop the butt.

    if I’m killer? I cut their ass.

  • C3Tooth
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    Im still confuse what is the similarity between tunnel off hook & blinding an afk killer. Flashlight save is sure annoying. But you bring the whole  "Isn't that toxic? As toxic as tunneling anyhow." to blinding an afk killer.

  • DBD78
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    If another surivor is AFK I test them by putting my item in front of them. If the killer is AFK I do gens and hunt totems. If I play killer I put the AFK person on the hook.

  • MadLordJack
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    I ignore them, or hit them if I'm walking past and I'm the killer.

    Or sometimes I bring them items and put them down in a circle.

  • CrustyCake
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    Me as a killer: Treat the the same as other survivors, SMACK SMACK HOOK.

    Me as a survivor: ######### YOU STEALING MY FUN!!!! jk jk ignore them, use them as a distraction during chase if i end up in that area

  • FrenziedRoach
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    I down them and put their sorry butt on a hook. This forces somebody off the gens to rescue them.

    I don't expect survivors to stop gens because I get up, why should I stop doing what I do as a killer?