Hex and Boon Totems


I like the idea of adding boon totems, but I feel there needs to be a bit dynamic game play around boons and hexes. I'd like to see boons changed to blessing a hex suppresses the hex rather than destroying it. If the killer stomps the boon totem that suppressed their hex the hex returns.

The other thing I'd like to see is killers being able to "curse" a boon totem. Basically if they have an active hex totem they'd get the option to "curse" the boon totem. Cursing the totem allows you to move your hex to the boon totems location.

I think these two things would alot of fun choices and give killers a bit more control of their hexes.


  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,503

    You wont get more dynamic with that. It would just be the case that Survivors would cleanse the Hex and bless another Totem. Also, there is the possibility that the Survivors cannot use Boon-Perks at all if the Killer is using 4 Hexes (until they cleansed Haunted Grounds, which frees one Totem). And if No Mither will not stop Bloodorbs, because there is the possibility of 0,0000001% that 4 Survivors use No Mither and deny Oni his power (and this is one of the reasons why this change will never happen), something that prevents Survivor Perks from being used (aka 4 Hexes on the Killers Side which is probably not that much more likely) will also not be implemented.

    But as I said, even if they do it, there is no dynamik at all. Just more M1-Pressing from the Survivor.

  • Snowbawlzzz
    Snowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,419

    using 4 hexes to counter 4 potential hexes sounds fair to me