The Showman v4

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The Showman

Set traps mid loop to trick survivors with pincer movements and travel through lockers to surprise your prey.


110% move speed

32-meter terror radius


Description - A tall, arrogant man in a bright red suit, hat, and gloves. Cosmetics will be divided in this way as well.

Weapon - The different gloves will change the color of energy he attacks with.


Stage Directions

Use the Power Button to spend a charge to draw a Stage Direction. When looking at a Stage Direction, press the Secondary Power Button to summon a Specter from the Stage Direction. The Specter is identical to the Killer but with the Undetectable status effect. It will chase the closest survivor within 10 meters of its starting location. If the Specter comes within range, it will hit the survivor. If this hits, the survivor will scream, and they will be Staggered for 0.5 Seconds. If it lives longer than 20 seconds the specter will dissipate, returning the charge. Stage Directions has 10 charges which can be recycled, unless all Stage Directions are in use. A Stage Direction is in use as long as its associated Specter is active.


Use the Power Button when searching an empty locker to enter Quick-change. Quick-change will increase your movement speed to 300%. Quick-change removes collision, sounds, and visuals on Survivors, Blood, and Scratch Marks. You can see Lockers Auras. Search a locker to exit from it. This will trigger a 4 second animation. If a Survivor is within 5-meters they will be Hindered (-15%) for 2 Seconds. If the survivor is in the locker, they will be pushed out and damaged as well as the previous effect. This has a cooldown of 45 seconds. Lockers can be locked doubling the animations time.


The survivor gets off the ground as the killer walks in front of them. The survivors scream as their head goes limp. The survivor curtsy/bows with the killer and then falls dead.



Leather Hat: Spectators hits will trigger the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds

“The first top hat he used in his show. Its polished shine long since faded.”

Collapsible Gibbus: Specters move 5% slower. +100% BP in Specters hit events.

“A collapsible top hat worn for the opera. Its cheap design made a mockery of his craft.”

Torn Glove: Specters vaulting windows will block them for 25 seconds.

“The gloves he used as an armature in his craft. The years of use have brought wear and comfort to the man.”

Torn Book: Increase Quick-Change stun by 1 second.

“A worn book containing illegible writings. Its condition made it difficult to use.”


Wool Hat: Specter's hits will cause Healthy Survivors to leave Pools of Blood as if they were injured and their blood will be brighter for 45 seconds.

An old sturdy top hat. Years of use has seen it pickup a scent.”

Mark of the Crow: Decrease Quick-Change cooldown by 5 seconds.

“The original emblem of his books. The bronze inlays depict a crow taking flight.”

White Glove: Specters will Prioritize breaking pallets/walls if within 40 meters. Specters break pallets/walls instantaneously and then dissipate.

“A ivory white glove. A standard of the stage magician.”

Heavy Book: Increase Quick-Change stun by 1.5 seconds.

“The full of his research into the realms. Its considerable weight made it difficult to move.”

Light Book: Decrease Quick-Change exit animation duration by 1 second.

“An abridged form of his research. Its lighter weight made it perfect for use in shows.”


Cotton Hat: Specters hits will trigger the Exhausted status effect for 8 seconds.

“Imported from the states. Its light design made it ideal for use in performances.”

Polyester Hat: Specters hits will trigger the Exposed status effect for 2 seconds.

“A resilient top hat. Its stain resistant nature made it necessary for when shows got … messy.”

Mark of the Flower: Decrease Quick-Change cooldown by 10 seconds.

"A design found to increase the power of his books. It depicted an Poppy with thorns lining the center"

Charred Tome: Increase Quick-Change stun by 2 seconds.

“A burnt ancient Tome. Its vellum pages reverberate with power.”

Cheap Gin: 50% increase Quick-Change move speed.

“A single shot of high proof gin. Its dizziness helps one through the fog.”

“Another round for another show.” -The Showman 1989

Very Rare

Satin Glove: Specters show Killer Instinct of the survivor they are chasing.

“A tight fit glove. Its shine under harsh stage lights fascinated the crowds.”

“And for my final act …” -The Showman 1996

Mark of the Spider: Decrease Quick-Change cooldown by 15 seconds.

“The final onyx ridden design. He claimed it was designed by the voices in his head.”

“ … I will cross this canon in mere seconds.” -The Showman 1996

Pricey Scotch: Increase Quick-Change move speed by 100%.

“A soft, sweet scotch aged in a crystal glass.”

“No biz like show biz.” -The Showman 1991

Double Shot Espresso: Decreases Quick-Change move speed by 150%. Removes Quick-Change's visual debuff.

“A heavily caffeinated beverage. The incite and anxiety it gave him when traveling the realms was unparalleled.”

“Never doing that again” -The Showman 1991

Ultra Rare

Silk Hat: Specter hits blocks standing pallets and windows within 15-meters.

“A hat made of the fabric of the realms themselves. It screams when worn.”

“The spider cheers for me …” -The Showman 

Iridescent Glove: When looking at a Stage Direction during Quick-Change, press the Secondary Power Button to teleport there.

“An onyx colored glove. It shines when drenched in shadow.”

“Their screams please the spider … ” -The Showman 


Scourge Hooks: Stage Hands

At the start of the Trial, 4 random hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:

When a survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook they are immediately sent to the basement.

All survivors within 8/12/16 meters of the basement hooks have the Oblivious status effect.

“How about a change of scenery” -The Showman 

Hex: Stage Lights

All lit totems except Hex: Stage Lights will appear unlit and take 24 seconds longer to cleanse or bless.

The Hex: Stage Lights totem will take 4/6/8 seconds longer to cleanse or bless and will be highlighted in yellow for killers and survivors.

This hex passively cleanses itself over 90 seconds.

The progress is kept if a survivor stops cleansing.

“We need proper lighting to please the spider.” -The Showman

Scourge Hooks: Surprise Encounters

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:

After hooking someone on a Scourge Hook, decrease the killer’s Terror Radius by 8/10/12 meters until they enter a chase.

“HAVING FUN?” -The Showman 

Survivor Perks

Boon: Pyrotechnics 

Press and hold the Active Ability Button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem.

This Boon is Green.

Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 28 meters.

When the killer destroys Boon: Pyrotechnics they are stunned and blinded.

The Totem is destroyed.

You can only bless one Totem at a time.

All equipped Boon Perks are active on the Same Boon Totem.

Explosive Results

Residual Manifest grants the ability to rummage through opened Chests and will guarantees a Party starter

Light Show

By using the secondary action button on a pallet you will drop the pallet if the killer is within 0.5 meters or is stunned by the pallet they will be blinded and deafened for the duration of the pallet stun.

This will consume the pallet.

Light Show has a cool-down of 100/80/60 seconds

With the introduction of AI I believed that I should revisit killer idea I had that was formed around adding a AI.

Feedback, suggestions, lore, art, names, and map ideas are welcome

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    *v3 released

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    To put the slowdown into perspective, Clown bottles slow by 0.6 m/s (15%)

    This is kinda just a worse Clown.

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    7/16/23 v4

    • Changed the power slightly to emphasize the identity of the killer.
    • Added a foreword to help describe the killer's niche.
    • Changed the effects of addons to emphasize the identity of the killer.