Which killers do you think could defeat the entity?

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I mean some of them are actually indestructible maniacs, and this is one of my first posts so I thought I'd get something out there.

Freddy would def win


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    I would say Pyramid Head for sure. He's the only one who was brought to the Fog by his own volition, and he's probably the most supernatural being out there. He can also kill Survivors completely on his own without the use of hooks or a mori (cages and Final Judgement), and the only Killer that comes close to that is Myers but even he has to use an addon. Pyramid Head #1!

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    The killers who might stand a slight chance against the Entity would probably be Pyramid Head, Myers, and Pinhead. Out of all of them, Pyramid Head would be the one most likely to win.

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    I mean- he is the only person who can respawn during a trial.

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    these are who i think stand a chance (btw all of the killers would be fighting the entity by themselves)

    pyramid head is immortal

    myers in the halloween story line can only be killed and stay dead if killed by laurie with his own knife

    freddy can't die in the real world and can only be killed in the dream world which he controls and the entity can't reach on its own

    only 11 can keep demogorgon dead so i doubt the entity could do much to kill it, and if it did the mindflayer would declair war on the entity and the mindflayer is way more powerful then the entity

    the blight is made of a substance that the entity can't control which is the reason the halloween event happens and if it interacts with the entity it damages her so i doubt the entity would want to try and hurt the blight

    nemisis is basically immortal and follows the phrase whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger because if something doesn't kill him he becomes immune to any pain it could cause a 2nd time

    pinhead is the master of pain and pleasure so i doubt any pain could finish the job and that's what the entity masters in.

    oni maybe, oni is mortal but he is the closest thing to being almost immortal but still mortal, oni's in the folk tails are evil demons that kill everything and have the ability of every superhero you could think of, they are powered by the desire for revenge usually because of them dying and having unfinished business so the oni could do a lot of damage to the entity at least if not kill it

    one of the main reasons for these killers being able to kill the entity on there own is because if they were to try and kill the entity, she would take there power away and kill them, every single killer above doesn't get there power from the entity (freddy was even stronger before he was taken) so they would be just as strong or stronger

    now onto who has no chance


















    over half of these killers have little to no power without the entity (trapper, huntress, cannibal, pig, clown, legion, deathslinger and trickster are the exceptions) the entity gave killers like spirit the ability to phase walk and live even after dying so they would be powerless and again with cases like spirt just die immidiatly like they would have without the entitys help. this would include Hag, hillbilly, huntress, spirit, plague, deathslinger and twins mostly due to age but also because of the events happening to them

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    I don't think any killer could defeat the Entity. However, there are some attached to stronge forces who might:

    Demogorgon has the Mind Flayer and that entire domain, which acts like some Eldritch God.

    Pyramid Head is linked to the Sun Goddess, a deity who supposedly will bring an eternal paradise.

    Pinhead is one of the big guys of Hell.

    Not sure about the others, but really it needs something bigger to beat it. I don't believe the Entity is some untouchable Cthulu-like being, moreover a powerful parasite of sorts. Something can and will beat it. Question is: will all universes be better or worse when that happen? Because if it's the Fears from The Magnus Archives which beats The Entity, then these trials will feel like Ibiza nightlife, compared to what would happen!

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    A few of them have supernatural skills but none on them have same level of a eldritch God, so none of them.

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    pyramid or pinhead, maybe myers.

    Seriously, even then, its the entities realm. She controls EVERYTHING there, she cant really be defeated nor destroyed.

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    Only Pinhead and Demogorgon stand a chance because they’re able to create a rift between their own realms (hell and the upside down) and the NTT’s realm. The Mind Flayer arguably have the same level of power as DbD’s entity and if it could break into it’s dimension, maybe it could corrupt it. While the powers of hell comming from pinheads portal could tame the NTT and turn it’s realm into an other circle of hell.

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    Thing is, they're already there. They cannot touch the Entity anymore. Even if they tried, they'd just get cast into the void (sans maybe both P-Heads.)

    Myers is ultimately bound to the physical world around him. He cannot be killed, sure, but he cannot harm the Entity in any real capacity either. Starve it from sacrifices? There's FAR more trials happening than the ones Myers is in, it'd have no real impact. Besides, if he proves troublesome, the Entity can just swoop the literal ground from under his feet.

    Nurse is kept alive by the Entity directly. If she shows even the slightest of escape attempts, she's just dead. Same goes for Hag, Spirit and Plague. Not that the latter stood any chance to begin with.

    Freddy's lore flat-out states the Entity has altered his powers. Just like Myers, if he proves troublesome, it can just neuter him entirely.

    Demo has become completely severed from its original master as far as we can tell, so it's effectively nothing but a bloodhound that's been allowed to dig tunnels around the map. It wouldn't even think to fight against the Entity anyway.

    People seem to forget Blight is an addict of the Serum. All the Entity needs to do is deny him from getting any more, and he's reduced to a disfunctional old man. If he doesn't just die flat-out. He completely lacks a lower jaw for crying out loud, who knows what his internal organs are like?

    Nemesis does as he is programmed to do. He'd have to have been programmed to kill the Entity before he got taken to even consider the option. Can the Entity hurt him? Not really, but it doesn't need to.

    Pinhead wouldn't even bother. Why would he? The Entity's realm is a Cenobite's paradise.

    Pyramid Head is the only one that I'm not sure about. I don't know why people think it can hurt the Entity with his M2, but he can also starve the Entity from sacrifices. Again, something that would hardly make an impact. Additionally, if the Executioner proves too much to handle, it's completely safe for the Entity to just let it go. He'll just disappear right then and there, already having completed his duty.

    All the others are just humans with supernatural body strength and weaponry specialised for use on humans.

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    The Entity is basically a "sentient" Universe with its own laws of reality that reaches into other Universes to "feed" and "collect".

    I don't think you can "beat it" like in a fight. and it's uncertain if you can "poison" or "starve" it. But you can at least push it back/block it from spots in the Universes it is reaching into.

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    None of them can outright "beat" the entity. It's practically a sentient realm, so unless one of the killers or god forbid a survivor can just punch the air or something and destroy the dimension the entity is in, it's basically untouchable to them.

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    Ask demo, he knows how to leave.

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    I don't know, the entity really nerfed freddy upon entering the fog.

    Myers wouldn't want to leave, Ceno is a parasite on emotion and probably wouldn't want to leave, PH is there to mess with the entity, and demo just escaped the fog.

    so... demo (yay).

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    No one. They're just pawns bound by the laws of the Entity's realm. Whatever accolades and claim to power they had in their former lives, it's all glory past. Some of them might think they have leverage, when they're just being used and can been thrown in the void at the Entity's whim.

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    The killers? wow that would be insane they would need to team up with the heroes and find some way ... i mean the universe is infinite who knows maybe in the end the trickster can boink him in the end

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    Can't be any of the licensed characters, they've all been beaten by powerless teens.

    Can't be any of the original characters who are "touched" and see the survivors as their tormentors.

    Can't be any of the characters that are canonically dead (plague, nurse, spirit) the entity is keeping them alive, so the minute they rebelled a snap of the tendrils and they're back to worm food.

    That just leaves one, the most feared of all characters in the game.

    The Meg

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    If were really gonna go real about this PH would win as if you do a little bit of in-depth game lore and research the entity feared PH and nobody else and that's really all I got to say cause that's enough if the entity feared a killer that was brought in to her own world where she can do anything she wants and fears the killer she brought in bad news. That's all for today.

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    I agree on most part but Ph injected serum into himself but other than that I agree on everything


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    Entity and Ph have some kind of agreement (read the backstory of Pyramid Head)

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    Where does it say that the entity outright fears pyramid head?

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    I doubt any of them could. The killers are tortured and moulded by the entity and she can simply banish them to the void if she wants to. Pinhead is really the only one who can voluntarily travel between dimensions to escape that fate. Perhaps the demo too since it can voluntarily open portals to the upside down, but it isn't really intelligent enough to want to do that.

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    i dont even think the entity went the pinheads realm i think she just brought the box to her realm and let someone open it

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    Yh a lot of people seem to come up with this and idk where it's come from lol. Got a friend who is convinced pyramid head is more powerful then the entity. But that makes zero sense. Like, the entity has it's own dimension and as far as we know pretty much absolute power over it.

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    None of them stand a chance.

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    The urban evading ,self caring Blendette for sure,,Even entity wouldn't be able to find her

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    That's ironic cuz he's one of the weakest killers at the moment lol

    Only basekit sadako is worse but her condemn addons make up for it while Freddy's doesnt

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    You act as if the entity doesn't control everything going on in the realm, none of these killers would really stand a chance because the entity controls their powers now that they are In the fog and can simply throw them into the void at a whim

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    Any killer with Beast of Prey.

    (okay, maybe not all of them, but I thought it's a neat lore detail in a pretty unnoticed perk)

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    None of them, I feel like people are ignoring a big problem here, how exactly are the killers gonna hurt the entity? Like seriously, what're they gonna do stab it with their weapon lol

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    What if it's very simple? They could all kill the Entity by not killing the survivors at all. The Entity can hunger until it dies :)

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    I truly doubt killing an eldritch horror is gonna be simple. Also this isn't a factory job the killers can't just go on strike and refuse to do their job. I truly doubt they would anyway, most of them are afraid of the entity, and the other just like to kill. Sometimes both. Even if that did happen the entity would probably just dump them into the void and bring in new killers.

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    Pinhead, technically. If Pinhead could open a way back to Hell (and he does have the Configuration), Leviathan would body the Entity.

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    If you think of it as the Queen commanding a vast number of Xeno soldiers at her disposal.

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    What is the entity anyway? Like, what does it look like, fully? I only see it's icky spider legs.

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    The Entity is literally everything in the trials (pallets, buildings, loops, the ground, the walls, the fog, the generators, the exit gates, the totems, lockers, some killer items, etc.) , along with the other realms like the Campfire and Void. The only exceptions are living creatures like the Survivors, Killers, Crows, and Rats, and a few unique structures like maybe the Observer's Tower. The reason it can turn into all of this stuff is because it is made up of raw Auric Cells, or at least is able to manipulate them with an incredible degree of control.

    Basically, if a killer wouldn't be able to survive the ground beneath them suddenly turning into giant impaling spikes, or dropping them into a soul-destroying nightmare dimension, they wouldnt stand a chance. And even if that wouldn't KILL them (looking at Pyramid head, myers, and some others here) the Entity could just teleport them to a prison where they are unable to do any harm.

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    How exactly are a bunch of Xenomorphs going to destroy multiverse sized emotion vampire that's existed for thousands of years? with acid blood and facehuggers? lol

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    100% pyramid head. hes literally walking around tearing the realm open, hooking his own way, and killing on his own