PC - "Dead Hardy" Survivor master challenge not registering properly.

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The "Dead Hardy" survivor master challenge from tome II level I requiring you to dodge a basic attack with dead hard appears to be impossible to finish. This might be due to the hit validation change in 5.3.1, though I'm not completely sure. I've played 10-15 matches with David King running dead hard and the challenge, in which I've done multiple things like:

-Used dead hard through the killer as they try to hit me. (effectively dodging the attack)

-Used dead hard to the side as the killer tried to hit me. (effectively dodging the attack)

-Used dead hard for distance as a killer tried to hit me. (effectively dodging the attack)

-Used dead hard into the wall for invincibility frames as a killer tried to hit me. (effectively dodging the attack)

-Used dead hard wrong and gotten hit by the killer due to poor timing. (not dodging the attack)

None of these have counted for challenge completion. I'm a completionist and I like fully finishing tomes (plus a lore entry is locked behind this challenge) and not being able to complete this tome even though I've tried practically everything bums me out.

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  • wgcutless
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    Same for me it must be bugged or something is there anyway to report this being bugged?

    Okay check this video out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZZtJEXsVLY&ab_channel=Desmondlucy

    I did it almost frame for frame exactly as this got in the little fenced off area so I couldn't graze off to one side of the other and Dead Harded directly into a bubba left click and just shoved my David's face right in his ol' belly button during the animation so it was perfect I took no damage he swung at me right as a dead harded the frames were not off a millisecond from this video and still no unlock. This perk is 1000% bugged right now I seriously just wasted an entire like 6+hours worth of gametime trying to get a challenge that is just unattainable right now. Please look into this Devs!

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  • Stasio
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    Same here. It’s definitely bugged.

  • Yzzzi
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    I thought im going crazy, but seems like its mass madness by the least

  • itsjustDOOM
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    Just to keep this alive, I have also discovered this bug. I’ve literally spent the last two days intentionally and immediately getting into chases, even using No Mither to speed up that process. Nothing lol. I know it’s only 25k BP but I do like having the old Tomes available to complete as a new player.

  • bunnyspears
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    Hoping they fix this soon! Glad to know I'm not alone in experiencing this bug, though.

  • Xerceo
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    I am also experiencing this issue, across any character who has Dead Hard, for various uses of the perk (for distance or to avoid a hit). I have "completed" it multiple times and received no progress.

  • Ubachacha
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    February 9, 2023 and this is still bugged, please fix!